Meeting Minutes December 2004






The Garden City Town Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on December 9, 2004 at the Garden City Office, located at 145 W. Center (Logan Road).  Council Member Price opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m.


Council Members Present:


Kenneth Hansen, Mayor

Arlo Price

Sharlotte Wride

Mark Stringham




Mike Leonhardt


Others Present:


Kathy Hislop

Margaret Satterthwaite

Randy Erickson

Sharlene Millard

Curtis Moldenhauer

Brandon Moldenhauer

Jason Linford

Pat Reilley

Mel Maynes




Mr. Mel Maynes stated that he attended the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway Committee meeting today.  They talked about a long term goal of getting the LTD to come to Garden City.  They are already running a shuttle to Beaver Mountain two times a day so they could just extend that and come  over to Garden City.  There was quite a bit of support from those at the meeting for that suggestion.   


Also, we are going to apply for another National Byway Grant with the Council=s approval.  The grant will be an open space and a trailhead grant.  The State Parks have pledged some money if we put in a parking facility for ATVs and snowmobiles.  The forest service is interested in extending the Shoshone trail into Garden City. 



CDQ Construction/ Collin Roberts and David Mestaz


Mr. Roberts is not at this meeting so the Council postponed this agenda item until later in the meeting if he shows up.


IMPACT FEE AND RATE STRUCTURE STUDY, Jason Linford, Sunrise Engineering


Mr. Linford went over the calculations for the impact fees.  He explained that when they were working on the analysis they looked at the water source, water rights and water storage etc.  We are lacking on the storage capacity.  They also looked at the existing debt service and our future needs for the next 20 years.  There are issues that won=t be answered until after we finish with the test results.  Taking everything into consideration they figured the impact fee at $1,178.00 per ERU.


Sunrise Engineering also reviewed the rules for a residential ERU multiplier for different types of uses and created a table outlining what the rate should be for commercial use.  Mr. Linford explained that if we determine that we need to build the treatment plant then we will need to adjust the impact fee.


They also came up for a cost for the connection fee of $200.00 per connection, which would just be for the inspection.  Our ordinances state that the property owner is responsible to do their own water connection and the Water Operator will inspect the connection.


Right now the connection fee is high and the impact fee is low, it is reverse of what it should be.  That is why we had Sunrise do the study.  They did not include any properties in Bridgerland because they are on their own water system. 


Sunrise is recommending that we build a million gallon tank or an equivalent of that such as a 500,000 gallon tank now and then the second 500,000 gallon tank in the future, but that will depend on the treatment plant.


Council Member Price suggested that we wait until the Mayor gets to this meeting before we approve the Impact Fee Analysis. 


We are not collecting these fees for a profit, we just need to re-coup our costs.  We also have a limited amount of time to spend the impact fees, we can=t just sit on the money.  Council Member Price suggested that we wait until the next meeting to approve the analysis, the resolution and the ordinance. 




Council Member Price asked if all the comments from Mr. Linford, our engineer, have been addressed.  Mr. Mecham stated that all the changes have been made but Mr. Linford has not reviewed the corrected plat. 


Council Member Wride asked about the letter of credit.  Mr. Mecham stated that he is working on the letter of credit and should have it ready next week.  They are still working on the boundary agreements for Hodges Canyon Road.  The canal company has approved everything.  The annexation to the sewer district should be completed in the next couple of days.


The two things that are left are the boundary line agreements and the letter of credit. This will be on the agenda again next month.  




The main purpose for this agenda item is to bring the hold harmless agreement to the Town Council for approval.  This agreement was prepared by their attorney from Soda Springs.  Mr. Moldenhauer read the letter from KOA requesting approval to continue to use the tent inside the campground.  The hold harmless agreement is just to continue to use the tent the same way it has been used in the past for the remaining of the 2005 season.  The Garden City attorney has not read the agreement.  Council Member Price said that it was written by an attorney so he can=t see that we need to have our attorney read it.  Council Member Wride feels that our attorney should look at the agreement.


Council Member Price explained that the KOA wants to put the tent up along the same area as 300 west where the new architectural standards are being considered and  his concern is that it will not meet what we want to see done with the architectural standards.  If we allow this now we will have others that want to do the same type of thing, and is that what we want?  Council Member Stringham said that campgrounds have tents but this is larger than the camping tents.  The points of the other council is well made as far as setting precedences.  KOA did go into this knowing that the tent was just temporary, that was the agreement that was made.  Mr. Curtis Moldenhauer said that he understands the position of the town.  Mayor Hansen said that considering the use that we agreed to in the original agreement, if we allow it in the campground then we are setting precedence.  He really doesn’t see that there is a place for it.  He suggested that the Council allow them to go through the 2005 season and then remove it.


Council Member Price made the motion to allow the tent to stay up through the season of 2005 with them signing the agreement, then after that time they dismantle the tent.  Council Member Wride seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Transportation Enhancement Program, Margaret Satterthwaite, Beautification Committee


Ms. Satterthwaite explained what was discussed during the public hearing that was held before this meeting.  She explained that a lot of the matching money we can do as in kind work.  There is also money in the Beautification budget that we can use. 


Mayor Hansen recommended that the Council support this grant.


Council Member Wride made the motion to support Beautification Committee in applying for the Transportation Enhancement Program grant.  Council Member Price seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


National Scenic Byway Grant, Mel Maynes


Mr. Maynes explained that the Logan Canyon Byway Committee prioritized the projects that were submitted for this year and we came in second behind the $25,000 seed grant.  This is somewhat like the grant from last year without the raspberries and without the retail.  It will be open space with a trailhead and parking, etc.  We are looking at Ted Hildt=s property for this project. The grant will be a total of about $900,000.  


Mr. Maynes explained the project to the Council.  There will be a meandering walkway around the perimeter of the property, signs explaining the area, benches, a bowery, restrooms, etc.  The

Forest Service gave their blessings on this grant application. We have to show the benefits of what it will do for people visiting the area, such as providing access to the trails and a real place to have people come and park.


This is an 80/20 matching grant.  The State Parks is willing to invest into the project.  Other donations for the match can come from the state, the town, UDOT, etc.


Council Member Price made the motion to proceed with the National Scenic Byway Grant.  Council Member Stringham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Architectural Standards for Commercial Zones and Public Use Structures Within Other Zones, Ordinance #04-12


Council Member Price said that there is just a few little wordings that he feels should be changed.  Council Member Wride made a few of the suggested changes but stated that she wants the ordinance approved tonight.  If we need to make changes then we need to make them by resolution or preferably amend the ordinance. Commission Member Maynes said that he doesn=t want to see it come back to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Council Member Price made the motion to approve Ordinance #04-12, Architectural Standards for Commercial Zones and Public Use Structures in Other Zones.  Council Member Stringham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


A resolution will be ready next month to change the wording.




Appointment of new Town Council Member


Mayor Hansen requested that Council Member Stringham stay on the Council until the end of December and then we will appoint the new member the next month.  Council Member Stringham agreed so the appointment of a new Council Member will be tabled until next month.


Appointment of new Planning & Zoning Commission Member


This agenda item is tabled.


Appointment of new Board of Adjustment Member


This agenda item is tabled.


Bowery Improvements, Mel Maynes


The bowery is a structure with a wall on the west and open on the east.  Two of the beams are starting to twist on the ends.  Mayor Hansen would like to close in half of the north side and half of the south side.  It will be about 1000' of block and concrete work.  We need  a walkway into the bowery.  It will cost about $16,800 and there is $20,000 in the budget now.  They just want to enclose the north & south side a little more than half way with windows and doors on the south side. 


If we break this into small projects and use town equipment, employees and have the town buy the materials then we should be fine without going to bid.  Mr. Maynes will get with Mayor Hansen to determine what they want. 


Council Member Price made the motion to go forward with the bowery.  Council Member Stringham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Mayor Hansen said that he is really encouraged by this project.  He feels that we have a real chance of complying with this rule.  Mayor Hansen explained that the water is moving really slow in the lines right now and so there are inches of settlement in the pipe.  During the low flow  it settles in the bottom of the pipe.  During the peak use the flow increases and pulls the settlement through the pipe.  Before they start the testing they are going to open 4 hydrants and let that water pull out all that silt.   With this we may be close to the limit but hopefully we won=t go over. 


The state has a schedule prepared of the testing that needs to be done. 


The turbidity meters are installed and plumbed.  We are lacking a couple of pieces to get them calibrated right.  The state gave us until February 2005 to do the first tests.  We are going to try to get the meters going at least a week before so we can see how they are testing.  We are also going to work really close with Bear River Health.  We know what the state expects and they are really willing to work with us. 


The Martineau=s are going to be working on the water shed protection plan.  The state is going to look at our aqua track report and we may be able to use that report for our water shed delineation.

We shouldn=t have a problem with the water shed protection because it is all on state and federal land.




UDOT is planning to come to Garden City and help with our transportation needs.  Council Member Wride went out with a couple of UDOT employees to discuss some of the needs in this area.  They want to know everything, our concerns, our intersections, our beach access.  They want to help us with all our transportation needs and our future concerns. 


They are coming to meet with us in January for a couple of meetings.  We made a list of people that we should invite to the meetings.




Mr. Erickson handed out his report for the last month.  We are still getting permits coming in.  We are planning on having the contractor training on January 26th, 2005.  We will have some different people come to talk about some of the issues that are becoming a problem. 


Mr. Erickson did take care of one of the signs that are in violation.  The other property owner wants to talk to Mayor Hansen.  This has to do with the flashing lights on the sign.  Council Member Price said that they all need to conform with the codes because if we let one go then we need to let everyone else go.


Mr. Erickson discussed a new computer software that he would like to use.  The program costs about $2,500, which includes training and tech support.  Three modules are for 3-4 users.  The county will need to share in the cost.  This had the ability to flag non-conforming uses, variances, Conditional Uses, etc. 


Council Member Wride made the motion to pay half of the program for the Building Inspector and the county pay the other half.  Council Member Stringham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Once we know Kimball Lane bills are paid and done we should send the Sweetwater HOA and Brian Burr thank you letters.




Council Member Stringham brought his letter of resignation.  The Council thanked him for everything he has done in the past year. 


Council Member Wride said that she has Jason Linford working on a lot of projects and she is also working on a couple of grants.  Jason Linford is working on the ATV trail, Hodges Canyon Road, the bike trail, etc. 


Mr. Frank Smith wants to build a new building where the lamas are, which is where 300 west will come to the highway.  Council Member Wride met with him today and he is willing to work with us.  She drew a map on the board explaining where 3rd West - North could come onto highway 89.  She and Jason Linford felt that putting the road just south of the existing cabin would be most workable.  It would be just north of KOA and won=t go onto Mr. Bullocks property.  If 300 west goes between his existing cabin and new building, Mr. Smith would like to be compensated.  The council liked putting the road by the trees, which is north of the new bldg.  Mayor Hansen said that he feels it would serve everyone better there.  Mr. Linford will talk with UDOT to see what they say about an entrance to the highway and what they feel would work the best.




Minutes of the Public Hearing for Architectural Standards held on November 11, 2004 


Council Member Wride  made the motion to accept the minutes of the public hearing held on November 1, 2004 at 6:45 p.m. as presented.  Council Member Stringham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on November 11, 2004


Council Member Wride made the motion to approve the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on November 11, 2004 at 7:05 p.m. as written.    Council Member Stringham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion passed.




Council Member Price made the motion to approve the payment vouchers as presented.  Council Member Wride seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.



There being no further business to discuss, Council Member Price made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:55 p.m.










Kenneth Hansen, Mayor














Town Clerk