Meeting Minutes April 2005






The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Road.

Commission Chairman Brian House opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Commission Members Present:


Brian House, Chairman

Cindy McFarlane

Nate Parry

Lance Bourne

Lana Hodges

Troy Petersen


Others Present:


Sharlene Millard                                               Elizabeth Seiler

Kathy Hislop                                                    John Alter

Randy Erickson                                                Dennis Bullock

Hugh Barlow                                                    Jay Christopherson

Jon Barlow                                                       Brian Lyon

Jason Barlow                                                    Darin Pugmire

Curtis Moldenhauer                                          Joanne Andersen

Clint and Connie England                                  Jessica Ward

Peni Floyd                                                        Norm Mecham

Jared & Tiffany Seamons                                  Tom Bashford

Terry & Jeannie Willis                                       Tina Heath

Margaret Satterthwaite                                     Frank Smith

Krista Klein




Troy Petersen was sworn in as a new member of the Planning & Zoning Commission.  He will replace Darin Pugmire, whose term has expired.


Tiffany Seamons was not at the meeting, so her item was postponed.






Commission Chairman House reminded the Commission that this is for discussion only.  No

formal action will be taken.


Mr. Moldenhauer said his brother, Daniel, started with this discussion and he would like to start working on it again.  He would like to increase the density of campgrounds to be more comparable to others in Utah.


He showed some examples of what other campgrounds in the state have for density.


He said many cities are going to a square foot figure for their density.  He feels Moab would be a good benchmark for Garden City to follow.  They are also a recreational area.  He would like to see the density of campgrounds change from 8 sites per acre  to 12 sites per acre.  It would still be the lowest in the state.  He wouldn’t want to have a higher density for safety reasons.  He wondered if when the ordinance was set at 8 sites per acre, if someone was confused with other ordinances which may have said that was a size for a mobile home park, not an RV park.


Commission Member Hodges said the Planning & Zoning did take a field trip to KOA last year.  In her opinion, she is not opposed to change the ordinance to 12 sites per acre.  She likes the bigger sites.  The RV=s now are huge.


Mr. Moldenhauer said KOA will still have open space.  He realizes if they expand or remodel, they will have to follow the most current ordinance regarding size.  They currently have 150 sites.  At the 8 sites per acre figure, the RV space would be 5445 square feet per site.  At 12 sites per acre, the sites would be 3630 square feet.


Commission Member Hodges said we need to be careful with RV parks, even if we increase the size.  People bring their boats, 4-Wheelers, ATV=s, etc.


Commission Member Parry thinks 3600 sq. ft. is plenty for a site.


Commission Member Bourne thinks it would be a good change with such a short season.  Commission Member Petersen agreed.


Commission Member Hodges said we need to look at the ordinance as a whole before we make a motion.


Commission Chairman House said we will look at this during our next meeting and then recommend it to the Town Council.


Commission Member Hodges recommended that we put a Public Hearing on this because of all the residents around.  Mr. Moldenhauer understands that it will be a long process.

Mr. Moldenhauer would like to be at the meeting to go through the whole ordinance.


CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, Bear Country Village, Krista Klein


Ms. Klein explained that she is subleasing a building from Kent Korgenski.  The business will be to serve donuts, cocoa, coffee, soda, etc.  The homemade donut will be the main food.  There will be a machine that will make the donuts.  The dough is just poured into a machine which will deep fat fry them.  She is working with the Health Department and they are back logged right now.  The donut machine is all self-contained and vented to the outdoors.  She is currently using the name of Hole in One Donuts, but that may change.


Commission Member Hodges asked about putting the business there where the building isn’t even done yet.    Building Inspector Erickson said they=re working on it.


Ms. Klein said the first building is where they will be selling the finished product.  They will only use about 10% of the building.


Commission Member McFarlane is concerned about the letter received from adjacent property owners - Clint and Connie England.  They are concerned about the fence Mr. Korgenski took out last year.  They wondered when it will be taken care of.


Ms. Klein will talk with Mr. Korgenski about resolving the fence issue.


Commission Member Parry said if Ms. Klein works with the Health Code and Building Inspector, then he=s fine with this.


Commission Member Bourne said he=s okay with this as long as the fence issue is resolved.  Commission Member Petersen agreed.


Commission Member Hodges made the motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Krista Klein, which will be housed in Kent Korgenski=s Bear Country Village, Building #1.  She=s leasing approximately 100 sq. ft. of space.  She will be selling soda, hot drinks, donuts.  She will have to meet all of the Health Dept. requirements with the structure and business before anything can be opened or approved.  The fence between Englands and them will be complied with.  It will be a 6' privacy fence.  The type will be worked out between them.  Building #1 needs to be complete before any business is conducted.  Commission Member McFarlane seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Mr. Jon Barlow showed the location of where he would like to put horses.  It is near the Sweetwater Subdivision.  He is in the process of buying this land from Mel Maynes.  The property has been annexed and is now recorded.

Mr. Barlow proposed to be able to put horses there now and within the next 5 - 10 years, build a home. The home may also be on a second piece of property.   This property would be used


seasonally.  He would like to put in a barn to house the horses and maybe a calf.  The Town has received 2 letters of adjacent property owners who are opposed to this. 


Peni Floyd, the realtor, said she was under the impression that animals were already permitted, but now they will need a Conditional Use Permit.  This would be for future use.


Commission Member Hodges explained that when Mr. Maynes had his horses there, it was in the county.  He has since been annexed into the Town.  Now that property falls under the towns zoning.


Commission Member Hodges said this piece of property is in the Recreational Residential zone.  A riding stable has to have a Conditional Use Permit.  They won’t need a Permit until they come in when they=re ready.  A Conditional Use Permit will be issued but there will be an expiration date.


Commission Member McFarlane said they are allowed to put horses on the property now without a Conditional Use Permit.  If they want to put up a structure, then they come in for the permit.  Commission Member Hodges agreed saying when they come back, they will need to show elevations, etc.  She wondered if they would like some conditions set now.  She said they do need a Conditional Use Permit for horses.


Mr. Barlow explained that they are in the process of buying this property.  They would like to put 5 horses on 10 acres.  They will be there 2-3 weeks at a time and they=ll take them back to Salt Lake City when they go back home.  He asked if they could leave it in greenbelt.


Commission Member Hodges said it will be the county=s decision to leave it in greenbelt because it=s over 5 acres.  She asked if the property goes over the canal.  Peni Floyd said to the center of the canal.  Commission Member Hodges said the canal company has an easement 30' out from the canal.  Mr. Maynes has horses there now. He is subleasing water from the Town for the Barlow=s to be able to use for their horses.


The Barlow=s understand that at some point, there may be no water.  Mr. Maynes will bring water to the property.  This property has been annexed into the sewer district.


Mr. Barlow said they don’t know where the riding stable will be right now.  They would just like the ability to have horses.


Mr. Barlow tried to address the concerns of property owners who had written letters.  The town doesn’t have any guidelines for manure.  We do have a nuisance ordinance that would apply.  Mr. Barlow has had horses and manure is an issue.  He would arrange to have it spread or removed by himself or whoever.  There shouldn’t be any more odor than there is now.


Commission Member Petersen said he would be in favor of this as long as the fence is up.


Commission Member Hodges made the motion that we approve the Conditional Use Permit for Hugh Barlow, for property of 10 acres purchased through Mel Maynes, Tax ID# 36-04-00-020 to have his horses on the property.  This is 10 acres for 5 horses.  That property will be fenced to maintain horses at all times.  The property owners will make sure there will be no offensive odors for neighbors.  Commission Member McFarlane seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Commission Member Hodges said when they=ve decided to build  the stables, they will need to come back and amend their Conditional Use Permit.




Commission Member Parry excused himself from  the Planning & Zoning Commission for this request.  He will not vote on this application.


Mr. Parry said he also representing Gus Chournos, the property owner, but doesn’t have his signature yet on the application.  Mr. Chournos doesn’t have any plans.  Mr. Parry approached Mr. Chournos about fixing up the old Mazatlan restaurant and the old Vic=s Hardware store.  He would like to put his mortgage office in the old Vic=s store.  There would also be a log furniture retail business in the same building, which would need a separate business license. 


Mr. Parry would like to clean the field for overflow parking and gravel 10-15 feet back on the sides.  On the hotel, he wants to add a  new metal roof, log siding and bring it up to Architectural Standards as much as possible.  Mr. Parry said the roof on the restaurant already has a certain pitch.  It=s a remodel and he=ll do the best he can to meet the architectural standards.  He will adhere to the building and health codes for the restaurant. 


The new retail building will have mason rock 2 way up.  They will also have a handicap ramp and new metal roof. 


Mr. Parry feels this will greatly benefit the community


Commission Member Hodges said the Planning & Zoning needs to see some architectural designs of the buildings for refacing and resurfacing, to show what is going to be done.  She asked about the Board of Health.  Building Inspector Erickson said he=s gone through the buildings and there=s a few things that need to be done, but nothing serious.  There will be no change to the structure.  The office area will be walled off.   The bathrooms in the retail area will be changed for the handicapped.  The bathrooms in the restaurant are already handicap accessible.  The only change on the outside is the log siding and rock.

The Health Department has already worked to bring things up their standards.  There were things to be taken care of, but they=ve been working with Carlos to get a few done every year.  They will be coming again this year.  They can’t start their business until they=ve looked at it again. 


The motel will be used as a motel.  All of the floorboards will be ripped up.  There=s nothing that needs to be done that is very hazardous.  They will have smoke detectors and one will have a handicap access.


Commission Member Hodges told Mr. Parry that he will have to comply with all of the Architectural Standards.  She said metal roofs may not be allowed, he could look it up.  Commission Member Petersen said a remodel only requires 50% of the building to meet the standards.


Mr. Parry said they would like to take out the big sign.  There are some electrical problems with it.  Commission Member McFarlane said that would be a great idea.  It will look cleaned up and rejuvenated.


Mr. Parry said he will get Mr. Chournos= signature on the Conditional Use Permit  application.


Commission Member Hodges said Mr. Parry is okay to have 50% of his structure meet the Architectural Standards.  She would like him to show exactly what will be done with materials, just to make sure he stays in line with the standards.  She would like him to get a list of what he will be using to finish these businesses.


Commission Member Hodges read of what is required in the Architectural Standards.


Building Inspector Erickson said 50% of the building needs to be brought up to the standard.  As long as 50% is done, the roof won’t matter if it meets the standard or not.  He=s just putting on a metal roof.


Mr. Parry said he will go through the standards and will comply with the 50%.


Commission Member Hodges told Mr. Parry that he will need to supply the town and the Building Inspector with plans of what he is going to do.  He doesn’t need to come back to the Planning & Zoning as long as the Building Inspector knows what he will be doing.


Commission Member Bourne made the motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for the old Mazatlan restaurant,  the hotel and the old Vic=s Hardware as long as the Architectural Standards are followed.  Mr. Parry will need to work with the Health Department and get a signature from Mr. Chournos.  He will meet all of the building codes through the Building Inspector.  Commission Member McFarlane seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.    





Jared Seamons represented his wife Tiffany.  He asked how the Planning & Zoning would feel about a temporary building, similar to a sno shack, near his office to sell coffee.  He wondered what the requirements would be for that to happen.  He said he=s looking for guidance.


Commission Chairman House said we don’t do temporary buildings. He invited him to look through the transient business ordinance, it=s pretty steep, he said.  Any building would have to have a permanent foundation and a restroom. He explained that the Architectural Standards will have to be met.  He suggested talking with the Building Inspector.


Building Inspector Erickson said to bring any plans in if he wants to add to the building.


Mr. Seamons said it=s been suggested to add a coffee shop and maybe use the patio by Mr. Webbs.  Commission Chairman House suggested using the strip mall by the hotel or using a building from Mr. Korgenski.




Mr. Smith wants to sell a piece of his Elk=s Ridge subdivision.  He is developing that subdivision, but has had two people approach him about buying Phase 2.  He would help them develop Phase 2.  The money he would get would help to develop Phase 3 and 4.  He understood he needed to come to the Planning & Zoning before he divided any lots


Commission Member Hodges said Elk=s Ridge has been approved as a whole conceptual plan.


Mr. Smith said this will still be part of the whole plan.  He will bring plats to the Planning & Zoning as it=s subdivided.  He owns the whole piece of Elk=s Ridge, with the mortgage.  The Tax ID number for Phase 2 and 3 are the same.  This is mainly for him to raise some capital to help build the other phases.


Building Inspector Erickson said Mr. Smith has sold a few pieces of ground and not gone through the subdivision process, that is why he is here tonight.


Commission Member Hodges said if Mr. Smith subdivides this, it=s not the same as was approved.  The roads, etc still need to comply.


Mr. Smith said if someone is ready to buy this, he wants to have it ready to be subdivided.  He may have a partner in this project.  It could also be a possibility to sell.  Commission Member Petersen said he will also have to comply with the same type of architecture as the other phases, everything, even the CC&R=s will need to be the same for all phases. 


Commission Member Hodges said when Mr. Smith is ready to develop Phase 2 and 3, he=ll have to start all over again with the plats.  She asked if the water tank for Phase I has been started.  Mr. Smith said it=s being done now.  He said putting in the tank and all of the utilities will take care of all the phases.  He=s got letters from the power and sewer companies etc., to be able to get all the utilities in.


Mr. Smith said nothing will change from what was originally presented.  The lots have not been platted for Phase II.  Commission Member Hodges showed the conceptual plan.  Mr. Smith said


it=s changed a little since then.  There are two accesses to Phase I.


Mr. Smith realizes he will have to go through the processes for the other phases.  He=s excited for Phase III.


Commission Member Hodges asked if this would affect any common area.  Mr. Smith said the common area is 10%.  The prospective owners know that.  He has put in two parks in the first phase, one in the second phase and three in the third phase.


Mr. Smith said it=s required to have the same standards throughout all of the phases.


Commission Member Bourne made the motion to allow Mr. Smith to subdivide and sell Phase II.  He will keep the CC&R=s of the original plat so it all matches.  Commission Member Parry seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Kathy Hislop is here representing Mr. Maynes.  She showed a map of Mr. Maynes= subdivision.    She explained where the property is.


Mr. Maynes wants to subdivide it because he has a buyer for the old Jessie Kimball home and storage shed area.  When it was in the county, the lots had two separate ID numbers.  When he annexed it into town, he brought it in as one lot.  It is on Kimball Lane and is zoned Commercial 300' deep.


There is a 40' utility easement going through the lot.  Mr. Maynes has also provided a utility easement on the front near Kimball Lane.  The whole property is in the town limits and is annexed into the sewer district.


Commission Member Bourne said a road and utility easement have been platted.  He doesn’t have a problem with this.


Commission Member Bourne made the motion to approve the minor subdivision as it=s drawn.  Commission Member Parry seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Mr. Pugmire said he=s considering putting on an addition to Pugstone=s.  It will meet the Architectural Standards.  He asked about the shed style roofs.  If his building is pitched the way the standards require, the rain will fall right on everyone.  He wondered about pitching it for the snow to fall on the other roof.  He said this building is basically a garage with a basement.  It will be used for boat storage in the winter and for retail in the summer.


Mr. Pugmire isn’t sure of what type of floor to put down.  The full basement will be for their


storage.  It=s not a 2-story building.  It will have a walk out on the lakeside using 4 feet of cement.  There will be log siding around the rest, as shown on the map.


The addition will be taller than the existing building.  The existing exterior roof line will be a little smaller.  There will be a 14' ceiling on the inside of the garage.  There will be a cricket on the existing building.


Commission Member Petersen suggested sloping the roof from front to back.  Mr. Pugmire said he would like it to match the other building.


Mr. Pugmire said the building won’t be higher than what is required.  They will use the building for dry storage.  It will cost too much to have a cement cap.


Pugstone=s will still use their tent in the summer.


Mr. Pugmire was questioned about the earlier approved project at Raspberry Square.  He said it won’t be happening.  They won’t be pursuing that any longer.  They would like to still asphalt the ground.


Commission Member Hodges asked if there will be 6' between the 2 buildings.  Mr. Pugmire said they were going to build onto the existing Pugstones, but with firewalls, the cost went up too much. 


Mr. Pugmire said they will also meet the 6' setbacks on the rear of the buildings.  It will be the same business, so there is a possibility of signage.  He would like to get it designed to have the door framed in, add windows, door and deck.  He would come in before he did that.


If another business comes in and buys his business, they would have to comply with restrooms, etc.  It will be plumbed for that just in case.  Right now, it=s for his existing business.  There can be an accessory building for a business which doesn’t require the same things.


Mr. Pugmire talked about the roof.  Commission Member Petersen suggested putting in a parapet.


Mr. Pugmire said he’ll come in for any additions to his business.


Commission Member Petersen made the motion to accept this accessory building.  It will need to meet the Architectural Standards.   He needs to talk with the Building Inspector about how to do the roof to meet the standards and snow won’t fall onto people.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion passed.




Commission Chairman House explained that this is just for discussion.  The property south of the


Garden City Office has not been annexed yet, so it can’t be subdivided.  Mr. Pugmire asked about a timeline of the annexation process.


Mr. Pugmire said he would like to get this passed off as a subdivision.


Commission Chairman House talked about a letter from Council Member Wride.  The plan is to run 3rd W.- South and make it 100' wide.  When the present 3rd W.- North was done, it wasn’t done right and some property owners got more of their property taken than property owners on the other side.


Mr. Pugmire said he has talked with Council Member Wride about the road problem.  He ends up losing over 2 acre because of this road.  His theory is to go straight across the highway, but curve after so he won’t lose so much property.


Commission Member McFarlane wondered about centering 3rd W. - North  with 3rd W. - South, so it would work better.


Mr. Pugmire said he would eventually want an approval for a minor subdivision with the condition that it is annexed in.  It would go faster.  He would like to get the ball going on the annexation.  He only has 2 lots that he would bring in as subdivided.  He=s not sure if it=s annexed into the sewer district, but will check on it.


Mr. Pugmire said there is power accessible, but not water.  The nearest water line may be down the highway.  He said Troy Andersen told him it would be best to bring water from 100 W., so they won’t have to go through the highway.


Commission Member Hodges said he will also need access from the state highway or 3rd West.  He will have to get permission from UDOT.


Mr. Pugmire said that is one thing he would like the town to start, is to work with a turn-off from 3rd West.  Commission Member Hodges explained some of UDOT=s requirements so he’ll be aware of them.


Commission Chairman House suggested talking with the Town Council to get it started.




Mrs. Willis said she=s here for the same thing Mr. Pugmire is.  Her property is on 100 W. and goes through to 3rd West.  It is also getting annexed and she wants to get her subdivision going as soon as possible.  It will save a lot of time.


The accesses to the lots and utility easements were shown on a map.  She wondered if she could come back next month and get approval for a subdivision with the stipulation that it=s annexed.


The Planning & Zoning felt they could approve it with that condition.


Commission Member Hodges suggested that after it=s annexed, it can be put on the agenda for a subdivision.  She doesn’t want to approve something on the basis of what might happen.


Mrs. Willis doesn’t know if she=s in the sewer district.  She=ll check into it.


As long as the utilities are there and available, she=s not required to stub water into the lots until she=s ready to build.


Commission Member Hodges doesn’t think we need a Public Hearing for this.




Mr. Mecham explained that this is a revision of what he was originally approved.  Commission Member Hodges asked about callouts which were addressed in a letter from the engineer.


Cherimoya has been annexed into the sewer district.


Mr. Mecham said the surveyor will have to correct a problem that the engineer had with his plans.


Commission Chairman House said we’ve already approved this once.  He didn’t think there should be a problem with the revision.


Commission Member Hodges questioned a letter from the attorney.  Mr. Mecham said everything has already been resolved.


Commission Member Hodges asked if the Hodges Road would be widened this year.  Mr. Mecham wasn’t sure.  He thought it might be done because of the traffic.

Commission Member Parry made the motion to approve the revision of Cherimoya, Phase I, based on the fact that the callouts from the engineer letter needs to be met. 


Mr. Mecham said Dave Stringham has seen the plans and didn’t have any problems with it.  He will also sign the plat.


Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion passed.




Brian Lion works with Jay Christopherson.  He addressed some issues that were on a letter from


Sunrise Engineering.  He said the roads inside of the PUD will be 24' wide.  The roads will be private.  He said that way, people won’t park on the streets.


It was explained that 30' is the minimum road required by the town.  They’ll have to modify the road width.  Mr. Christopherson said the profiles came in at 8%.  They would like the road narrow.  Commission Member Bourne explained that snow removal is really difficult on smaller roads.  Mr. Christopherson said they’ll just push the snow into the swale.


Commission Member Hodges said that would only leave 5' for the sides of the swale.  Mr. Lyon said they’ll work with the architect to make sure the houses will still meet the setbacks.


Commission Member Bourne said that houses in a PUD cannot be over 30% of the development.  Mr. Christopherson said it=s 20%.


Commission Member Bourne talked about setbacks.  He said we need to be fair and do the same as we did for the Cottages.  5' on sides with a maximum of 18" overhang on eaves.


Mr. Christopherson suggested a different type of setback.  He drew what is called a “no build zone” where you build right next to the property line on one side and leave 15' on the other side.  He also talked about having no windows on one side so homeowners feel they have more of their own space.  The “no build zone” would include fences, canopies, etc.  He said it protects the city and the homeowner and it=s easier to landscape.  He said when they bring in their final plat, he will define where the no build zones are.


Commission Member Hodges said when someone has a PUD, they have it all planned.  She feels it would create havoc to do it this way.  Mr. Christopherson said it would be at their cost. 


Commission Member Hodges said if someone comes in and buys three lots and make them into 2, they would still have to build to the same standard and keep the same quality.  It will also be controlled.  She said people that buy into a PUD are buying into a community.

Commission Member Bourne asked the Building Inspector about the setbacks Mr. Christopherson suggested.  Building Inspector Erickson didn’t think it would be a problem.  He wondered about the issue of snow falling onto another person’s lot.  Mr. Christopherson said he will maintain the whole park.  There are private, semi-private and public areas within the PUD area.


Commission Member Parry thinks it=s a good idea to use the no build zone and have the buildings 15' apart.


Commission Member Bourne asked about additional parking.  He said the plat for Phase I doesn’t show extra parking.  Mr. Bullock said there=s 4 parking places per unit right now. Two inside the garage and two on the 20' driveway.


The dumpsters have not been shown on the map.  They will need to decide where they want them and have that on their final plans.  Commission Chairman House recommended talking to Butch Nelson of the Sanitation Dept. to see what they will require for distance they would need to dump

the dumpsters.


The developers will need to adhere to the 20' front setback and maintain the setbacks on the side or use the 15' and 0'.  They will need 2 accesses.


Commission Member Bourne asked where the clubhouse and pool will be.  Mr. Christopherson said the clubhouse and 21 lots will be in Phase I. 


Commission Member Bourne said he doesn’t want the clubhouse to be used as a sales tactic with it never being built.  The clubhouse needs to be done.  Everything in Phase I needs to be done in Phase I.  It can be at the end of Phase I, but needs to be done.  Mr. Bullock felt that was fair.  Mr. Christopherson said it makes a big difference in the sales when the clubhouse is done.  If the amenities are done up front, you=ll get the reward.  Before we can move on to an additional phase, Phase I must be completely done, including the pool and clubhouse.


Mr. Bullock said it will be done in Phase I, or they could present a letter of credit.


Commission Member Petersen asked if they will use the Harbor Village access until 3rd West is done.  Mr. Christopherson said yes.


Commission Member Bourne asked if the road will be wide enough to use the Harbor Village access.  Mr. Bullock said he needs to get rid of the island and make it wider.  He owns the 60' right of way, which isn’t being used right now,  but everyone can use it.


Mr. Christopherson said they have met with UDOT, Darin Deursch and the Planning group for the last time.  They were told the distance between entrances is exactly where they were planning to put their entrance.  They may put their model homes at the entrance.

There will be a bike path with an ATV trail on the inside of that.  There will be a berm between them.  They have been working with Council Member Wride on this.  It will take the effort of them, the town and state to come up with a plan.  They don’t have access permission from UDOT yet, which they need before the final plans can be approved.


Commission Member Bourne said he would agree with a minimum of a 30' road.  A temporary dumpster situation would be fine with him.  He will talk with the county sanitation to see what they would require.  They will also need additional parking.  Mr. Bullock said there are 4 sites now.  They=re adding a few extra throughout the plans.  Mr. Christopherson said he will go through and fine tune this for the final.  Commission Member Bourne doesn’t think 4 sites are enough.  When people come here, they bring their boats, toys, etc.


Commission Member Hodges said that the runoff of water needs to be addressed as to how it gets to the swale.  The swale will have a perforated surface so the water can percolate through it and into


the water retention.  Mr. Christopherson said they haven’t spent a lot of time on drainage yet.


Commission Chairman House said parking requirements are a minimum of 9' x 20' per stall.  For the first 600 sq. ft. of a residence, one stall is required.  The next stall is required at 800 sq. ft., and the following at 600 sq. ft.


They will need to make the changes and present with what engineers and attorneys letters stipulated, also a letter of credit.  The letter of credit is something the Planning & Zoning needs to see.


Commission Member Petersen asked if this can be approved for the Preliminary.  Commission Member Hodges said no, not until the plat is addressed.


Mr. Christopherson said it can be approved now and the next plans will be the final, which will have the sewer,  water lines and fire hydrants drawn on.


Commission Member Hodges also noted that there is a discrepancy with the legal description.

She also has a problem with the 3rd West access.  Mr. Bullock said it will be on the final, which hasn’t been approved. 


The second access doesn’t have to be on the highway.


Mr. Christopherson said all of these things need to be on the final, so it can be well thought out.  They have already gone through the PUD checklist.


Commission Member Hodges said the final also needs to show the arrangements of buildings and structures.


Last month they were approved for the conceptual plan of this PUD.


Commission Member Hodges said she doesn’t have a problem with this as long as all of the requirements of the attorney and engineer have been met.  They will also need permission for the access from UDOT.  She said it should all be approved as the preliminary.  It should be done before the final.


They will also need to show fire hydrants, water and sewer lines, dimensions of the PUD, how they will be consistent, and how they will be architecturally constructed.


Commission Member Hodges said we can approve the PUD as a whole, and then the phases.  The canal company needs to be notified and make sure they=re compliant.  The right of way is 33' to 35' from the center of the canal.


Commission Member Parry made the motion to approve the preliminary plan, as long as the

conditions from the engineer are met, dumpster situation addressed, setbacks met, attorney comments addressed, and 30' wide roads.  Commission Member Petersen seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Norm Mecham said most ordinances point out that most of the work is done as the preliminary plat.  A lot of the things are not called out.  You don’t want them called out on the final.  You don’t show fire hydrants on a final because you don’t want it recorded.  That all happens on the preliminary plat.  All questions are addressed on the preliminary.


The final plat shows what is going to be deeded.  It doesn’t show culverts, water lines, etc.


Commission Member Petersen said they’ll have to have two sets of plot plans next time.  Mr. Mecham said they will have to have plats with those issues, plus the final plans.  He said by the time you have a final, all of the questions should be answered. 


Commission Member Bourne wants to be consistent with everyone.  He said if we need to do something different, we better do it different.


Commission Member Hodges knows it took Mr. Mecham over a year to get things resolved on some of his projects.


Mr. Mecham said he feels that he=s gotten a better plan because of the conditions.


Commission Member Parry said the developers of Lochwood will have to come in at least two more times to get things done right.  He doesn’t think we=ve reviewed it enough.  Commission Member Hodges said they will also need their CC&R=s to be approved.

Building Inspector Erickson said ordinance #11F isn’t clear enough.  We may need to make things more clear in our checklist.  A PUD is really a subdivision.  It just makes good common areas and condenses everything.


Commission Member McFarlane said the Planning & Zoning has more control, but it=s less clear.


Mr. Mecham said he appreciates having to adhere to the rules.  It keeps him out of trouble and in control.




Ordinance #05-02, the Sign Ordinance was presented.  Commission Member McFarlane made the motion to approve it as presented.  Commission Member Bourne seconded it.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Ordinance #05-03 - Building Regulations was presented.  This ordinance is to adhere to the current state codes.  Commission Member Parry made the motion to approve it as presented.  Commission Member McFarlane seconded it.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Ordinance #05-04 - Zoning was presented.  Commission Member Parry made the motion to approve it as presented.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Ordinance #05-05 - Community Commercial was presented.  Commission Member Hodges said we=ve made a lot of changes at the last Planning Meeting.  She read the changes.  The changes were made.  There was discussion about a law being passed that a private school could go in any zone.  Commission Member McFarlane made the motion to approve this ordinance as amended.  Commission Member Parry seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Ordinance #05-06 - Parking & Loading Space was presented.  Changes were made.  Commission Member Bourne made the motion to send to the Town Council.  Commission Member McFarlane seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Ordinance #05-07 - Motor Vehicle Access was presented.  Building Inspector Erickson will have to look up the requirements for distance of gas tanks.  Commission Member Hodges said we can be more restrictive, but not less.  Commission Member Parry made the motion to approve the ordinance.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion and said to send it to the Town Council.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Ordinance #05-08 - Conditional Uses was presented.  Changes were made.  Commission Member McFarlane made the motion to approve it as amended.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




It was stated that Tom Weston is the Commissioner over Sanitation.


Hodges Beach Survey

Commission Members McFarlane and Hodges had a question about the letter from the Attorney about Hodges Beach.  Commission Chairman House said he talked with the Mayor.  The Town is pursuing the right of ways. 


Commission Member Hodges had a question about surveyors coming up with different surveys. 


There was discussion about the right of way on Hodges Beach and the concern of Steve and Dirk Bailey.  Commission Member Hodges said that Mark Hodges does have a 99 year lease, but it=s on Blue Water Beach.  Norm Mecham inherited the lease.


Jeff Hansen was told to survey all of the right of ways in Hodges Beach.




The minutes of March 2, 2005 was presented.  Changes were made.  Commission Member McFarlane made the motion to accept the minutes as amended.  Commission Member Hodges seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Commission Member Petersen made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 11:15 p.m.




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Brian House, Chairman                                     Assistant Clerk