Meeting Minutes 2007





The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held a Public Hearing on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Vice Chairman Smith opened the meeting at 6:50 p.m.


Commission Members Present:


           Frank Smith

           Greg Bills


Others Present:


           Sharlene Millard

           Charles & Birgit Chinnock

           Werner Romanczyk

           Hanns Borschel

           Anita Weston

           Bobbie Coray




This Conditional Use Permit application is to build a boat storage garage with a loft/living space above at 734 S. Bear Lake Blvd.  Vice Chairman Smith asked if there were any comments. 


Anita Weston asked there is enough parking.  Mr. Chinnock said yes. 


Vice Chairman Smith asked if they are building a whole new structure with living space above.  Mr. Chinnock said yes.  The lot is 9800 sq. ft. There is an existing building and feels there is ample room for another building.  They have shown pictures of the proposed building to their neighbors and feel they are in conformity with the neighborhood. 


Mr. Chinnock said they would place the new building far enough back so as not to ruin anyone’s view.  They went to great lengths to meet the 25’ height limitations.  They believe the open space is about 4500 sq. ft., which is ½ of the lot to park their vehicles.  Their main goal in building the garage was to store their boat and tractor.  They thought why not take advantage and build something to modern code so that in the colder months, they can stay there.  There will be a single bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. 


Vice Chairman Smith asked if their CC&R’s allow for this?  Mr. Chinnock said he is not aware of any CC&R’s that restrict this. 

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Mr. Chinnock showed the design of the building. 


Vice Chairman Smith asked the neighbors, Werner Romanczyk and Hanns Borschel, who were in attendance, if they had problems with this.  They both said no.


Vice Chairman Smith said he would like to know what the covenants are for this subdivision.


Commission Member Bills said he would like to know what the setbacks are.  Normally, you can’t put a living space right on top of the property line.  Mr. Chinnock said he has met with the Building Inspector who said they could be 5’ off the line and 10’ off the other side.  Commission Member Smith said the setbacks need to be met and they are 8’ on one side, 10’ on the other, 30’ off the front and rear. 


Mr. Chinnock feels they can meet the correct setbacks. 


Because of a lack of a quorum for the Planning & Zoning Commission, they will schedule a special meeting for Mr. Chinnock’s Conditional Use Permit request.




APPROVED:                                              ATTEST:




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Vice Chairman, Frank Smith                        Assistant Clerk

















Regular Meeting cancelled due to lack of Quorum.  Special Meeting held on August 8, 2007.


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