Meeting Minutes December 2004






The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, December 1, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Commission Chairman House opened the meeting at 7:05 p.m.


Those Present:


Mel Maynes

Lana Hodges

Lance Bourne

Cindy McFarlane

Brian House


Others Present:


Sharlene Millard                                   Sabrina Smith

Randy Erickson                                    Norm Mecham

Kris Bown                                            Margaret Satterthwaite

Corey Doolin                                        Ian House

Richard Wolthuis                                  Sean House

Gary Knighton                                      Dave Stringham


TRENDWEST, PHASE II, Richard Wolthuis


Richard Wolthius of Kier Construction introduced the people with him from Worldmark and Architectural Nexus.  He=s proposing to construct an additional 3 buildings and one maintenance building.  The 3 buildings will duplicate the buildings from Phase I.  The first phase has already been approved with additional phases to be approved when they are ready.                               


He showed a map of the area and explained what he wants to do.  He will work around having guests in the existing buildings and the new construction.  The plans and specs which were submitted in 1999 are being updated.    The plans are to be used as guidelines so there is continuity throughout all the buildings, i.e. using same color carpet, etc.


Commission Member Hodges asked about the parking.  Building Inspector Erickson said it=s the same as before and is still okay.  Commission Member Maynes showed the letter of remarks from the town engineer.  He will address those issues when the plans are submitted.


Commission Member Bourne asked about the overflow parking.  He said a lot of times the snowmobilers park their trailers in the parking lot.  Mr. Wolthuis said they currently share the

overflow parking and the snowmobilers can still park their trailers there.


Kris Bown showed where the new parking area and area for boats and trailers are.  Commission Member Bourne suggested putting signs up stating where the RV parking is.


Commission Member Maynes said the town is working on a new sign ordinance.  He suggested they get a copy of it so when they=re ready to put up signs, they=ll know what the town wants.  The ordinance should be ready in a couple of months.


Ms. Bown said with only 5 buildings, she didn=t think they=d need to worry about many signs.


Dave Stringham said the main sewer line and laterals are already in.  They=re in good shape.


Commission Member Hodges asked about the fire hydrants.  They said the hydrants were   installed in the first phase.  No new ones need to go in.  Mr. Wolthuis said the new buildings will match the existing buildings.


Commission Member Hodges said her only concern with this project is the parking.  Commission Member Bourne said that Utah Power is changing their requirements of installation.  Trendwest will have to meet the new underground codes.


Commission Member Hodges made the motion to approve Trendwest Phase II for 3 vacation buildings and one maintenance building as presented.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Mr. Frank Smith was not here to discuss his new project, so Building Inspector Randy Erickson and Sabrina Smith explained the location of the project as being where the llamas are.  Mr. Smith=s existing cabin is to the south of the proposed building.  Mr. Erickson said the Mayor feels the proposed building is too close to 3rd West. 


Mr. Erickson showed the drawing of the building.  As close as he can tell, Mr. Smith will meet the new architectural standards.  It=s a two-story building.  It will be used as an office for Elk=s Ridge Subdivision and as a real estate building.  Mr. Smith doesn=t have a permit from UDOT for access to 3rd West.  Mr. Erickson suggested a temporary access until 3rd West is in.


Mr. Erickson feels the building meets the setbacks.  There is a lot of parking.  Mr. Smith=s plans show it as landscaped.  It will be natural siding with rock.  Natural, as being natural wood, cedar, or something like it.  It will not be T111.  There will be a patio in the front.



Commission Member Hodges= only question is with 3rd West coming in.  The recommendation has already been made to have it meet the highway there.  Mr. Erickson said the road shouldn=t interfere with the building.  He said Mr. Smith would like to see the road go where the horses

are.  Mayor Hansen feels the road by the fence line would be better for 3rd West.  Mr. Smith could have access to that road which would connect to the highway.  That way the building won=t interfere with the 3rd West road.


Commission Member Hodges said it will be up to UDOT where 3rd West comes out.  Mr. Smith was in agreement earlier at the meeting about the development of the 3rd West road.


Mr. Smith owns all the property for this project.  Commission Member Maynes asked if Dennis Bullock was going to be a problem with the road coming in.  He told Mrs. Smith that if they proceed, it will be at their own risk.  If Mr. Bullock disagrees and there=s a snag.  There=s nothing the town can do.


Commission Member Maynes would like to see on the plot plan where the proposed  road will go in, and an alternative of where the road will go and where it will tie into 3rd West.  He thinks 25' would be wide enough.  The Planning & Zoning agreed that it should be 60' wide.


Commission Member Hodges stated that the town already has the road planned in the general plan and developers need to know where it=s going and they can plan accordingly.  She agrees that it=s at their own risk as to what UDOT wants to do with the decision of where the road will be.  Mr. And Mrs. Smith know that.


Commission Member Maynes wondered if this could be tabled until we know where the road will be.  He said we need to have it perfectly clear and UDOT needs to have the final say.  All costs will be Mr. And Mrs. Smith=s.


Mrs. Smith asked when we are going to start with the road.  Commission Chairman House said they think spring or early summer.  He said there were men working on it today and getting it planned.  Commission Member Hodges said when UDOT works on the Logan Canyon road, the town will be getting all the fill for the 3rd West road.  So it should be happening soon


Mrs. Smith asked if they could start the building without knowing where 3rd West will be.  Mr. Erickson said that we need to work with UDOT and have them determine where the road will come out first.


Commission Member Maynes suggested making a recommendation to the Town Council to hurry UDOT a little.  Maybe if they start now, their decision will be made when it=s time to put in the road.


Commission Chairman House said he would like the Town Council to contact UDOT to get a decision on the entrance to the highway. 

Commission Member Maynes said there is no problem with the design of the building.  His only concern is the UDOT permit or where 3rd West is going to intersect with Highway 89. 


Commission Member Maynes made the motion to accept the approval for the commercial building for Mountain Lake Properties West with the stipulation that they proceed on their own.  They=re at their own risk and as soon as it can possibly be done, they apply for a permit from UDOT and as soon as the Town Council can, they work with UDOT to tell us where the 3rd West and US 89 intersect.  Commission Member Hodges seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Mr. Knighton said he has three contiguous lots on the same side of the street in Bridgerland.  He wants to consolidate them.  He has already talked with the county and the town office.


Commission Chairman House said in the past, the Town Council has allowed an encumberment. However, nothing changes as far as parcel numbers, etc.  


Commission Member Hodges said an encumbrance is given for building purposes and lots are recognized by the town as one.  It doesn=t change the subdivision. The subdivision plat would have to be vacated for what Mr. Knighton wants to do. 


Mr. Knighton said he works for an engineering company.  He has done subdivisions and doesn=t think the whole subdivision would have to be vacated.  Commission Member Bourne said he doesn=t feel Mr. Knighton is being honest at all in what he=s doing.  He said you can=t create a subdivision within a subdivision.  He said Mr. Knighton is trying to escape doing what others have to do.


Commission Member Hodges said she does know that you have to vacate from the original subdivision to create another one. Mr. Erickson said you can=t create a subdivision without going through the process of a subdivision.  Encumbering doesn=t change anything other than what the town recognizes.  He said the recorder, Debbie Ames, has said that to vacate a subdivision, everyone needs to agree with the change and they all need to sign off on it.  Mrs. Smith thinks  if it=s within the town, he should have to go to the state.


Mr. Knighton doesn=t think it=s a very lengthy process.  He said he=s not subdividing, he=s consolidating.  Commission Member Bourne said Mr. Knighton owns three lots.  All three could have accesses.


Commission Member Maynes said Mr. Knighton should look at the CCR=s of Bridgerland subdivision.   He wouldn=t have a problem with encumbering the three lots.  However, he doesn=t want to get involved with the Homeowners Associations.  Mr. Knighton could go through the county recorder to look at the CCR=s.

Mr. Knighton said he just wants to do this the right way.  Commission Member Maynes said he can=t tell him what the process is.  He doesn=t know.  He suggested sending this to the engineer.  He also wondered about sending Mr. Knighton to Town Council.  Mr. Knighton couldn=t

personally dissolve the subdivision.


Mr. Knighton is at the end of a street where others are paying for snow removal.  He said he doesn=t want or need the plowing services and doesn=t want to pay for it.


Commission Member Maynes told Mr. Knighton to get an attorney to look at this and bring to the Planning & Zoning Commission.




Mr. Mecham has seen the letter from the engineer.  Ron Hansen has signed the paperwork.  Mr. Mecham said it=s recorded and done. The road should be about 100' long.  At the narrowest width it will be 35-40', in some places, 60'.


Mr. Mecham hasn=t seen any paperwork back, but he thinks all the adjacent property owners are in agreement.  Mayor Hansen said Mrs. Jayne Davis called and is signing the agreement with the town today.  It=s in transit.  Julie Fraughton is also in agreement.


Commission Member Maynes likes this project.  He=s just concerned about the width of the road.


Mr. Mecham said he feels he=s done the best for everyone involved.  Mayor Hansen said Sharlotte Wride is working with UDOT to line up the access in the springtime.  There is not a problem with the power line.


Dave Stringham said the county did not post the public hearing properly, so the annexation to the sewer district wasn=t approved this month.  The county commissioners said it=s approved if they sign the paperwork - as long as the county assessor verifies that all names are on the records. The attorney needs to come up with some papers saying this was done without a public hearing.  Mr. Stringham is okay with the annexation on his end.


Commission Member Hodges said Mr. Mecham has taken care of the canal issue.  There will be 50' culverts in both places.  With snow removal and water run off, the water tends to go in the ditch and wash down.  This will be wide enough.  She said there are irrigation lines that come down there.  Those lines will need to be looked at and made sure they=re accessible.



Mr. Mecham said the power pole is changed from where it used to be.  The entrance was moved 20'.  It was easier to re-do the plat than work around it.  They moved the road at the entry.  He showed the change in the road.  There was also discussion about the fire hydrants.  Building Inspector Erickson said the colors of the fire hydrants represent the pressure of the water.

Commission Member Maynes made the motion to approve the final plat for Cherimoya Hill Phase I, with the following conditions: Approval will be valid when the sewer district annexation is approved and as soon as we can identify an actual survey/plot plan  on the road.


Commission Member Hodges said we have the plot plan already.  Mayor Hansen said they=ll each have descriptions, but the town won=t.  When the signatures are all done, the engineers will record it all so it becomes a legal description for the road, not just boundary agreements.  The road will belong to the town.


Commission Member Hodges said the conditions of Sunrise Engineering will be addressed.


Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Mr. Bashford was not in the meeting.  Building Inspector Erickson explained that this is on the agenda because it=s a commercial building and all the remodeling is inside.  If the Planning & Zoning Commission feels good about this without him coming in, then he=ll go ahead with the permits, etc.  He thought the reason for the remodel was to get some of the product inside of the building.  It=s also a change to a commercial building.  This way, the Planning & Zoning will know what=s going on inside of the building.  It=s not for the Planning & Zoning to approve, just to be able to ask questions, if necessary.


Building Inspector Erickson said Mr. Bashford has done alright with the fire codes, and with what has been asked.


Commission Member Maynes would like to table this until Mr. Bashford comes in.




The Planning & Zoning Commission went over the changes to the Architectural Standards ordinance which were suggested by the Town Council.  They disagreed that a large grocery store couldn=t put a 4:12 roof on.  Building Inspector Erickson tried to explain the pitches of roofs for large stores.  Commission Member Maynes said a square foot limit may be a better way to look at this.   Council Member Wride would like to leave the roof pitch at 4:12. Buildings over 10,000 square feet will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 


There was discussion about metal roofs and how the snow falls on people.  Commission Member Maynes said he would be inclined to do away with the tile look.  Building Inspector Erickson explained putting cleats in the metal roof which helps to hold the snow from sliding.


Commission Member Bourne said if the Town Council feels they need something to secure the back area of the buildings, a chain link may be okay.  There could be more security fencing around generators and garbage.




McMaster Subdivision


There was discussion about the McMaster subdivision.  Where the access is drawn, is in the wetlands.  They will have it moved back further and have the plat re-drawn.




Commission Member Hodges asked Building Inspector Erickson if he found any power hook-ups at the KOA.  Neither he nor Commission Member Bourne have noticed any.




Commission Member Maynes said we need to start looking at what a maximum size of building can get in town.  He talked about large buildings in the Salt Lake City area.  Do we want strip malls and do we want the Gateway situation.  He said we should get ahead of that before it happens. 


Commission Member Maynes said Draper approved a WalMart coming in and they=re being sued.  Sandy wouldn=t approve one coming in and they=re being sued.  Do we want a maximum size of a building to be 50,000 sq. ft.?  The WalMart in Logan is about 150,000 or 200.000 sq. ft. 

A grocery store WILL come in.  Commission Member Maynes said maybe give it some thought and we=ll talk about it at the first of the year.


Logan Canyon


There was discussion about the Logan Canyon Road.  Frayner Construction got the bid.  They are doing a project in Arizona, Beaver and Fillmore.  They won=t be doing anything on the road until Spring.


3rd West


We are at the mercy of UDOT as to where they want the access for 3rd West.  It would help to know where the intersection will be.


Scenic Byway


Commission Member Maynes said he met with the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway.  We=re at the top of the list for a grant.  It won=t be for raspberries, just open space.  He=s thinking of buying some property and extending the bike path through there.  He would also like to put an ATV trail on one side of it.  There will also be landscaping, bowery, etc.




The minutes of the meeting of November 3, 2004 were presented.  Commission Member Bourne made the motion to approve the minutes with changes made.  Commission Member Maynes seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Commission Member Maynes made the motion to adjourn at 8:50 p.m. Commission Member Hodges seconded it.  All in favor and the motion carried.



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Brian House, Chairman                         Assistant Clerk