Meeting Minutes February 2005






The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Chairman House opened the meeting at 7:13 p.m.


Those Present:


Brian House, Chairman

Cindy McFarlane

Lance Bourne

Mel Maynes


Others Present:


Sharlene Millard

Ken Hansen, Mayor

Randy Erickson

Margaret Satterthwaite

Dennis Ashton

Travis Wentz

Sharlotte Wride


CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, Frehner Construction


Mr. Ashton works for Frehner Construction.  UDOT has hired them to work on the road from Garden City to the summit.  He explained that they will be cutting through the rock above Rocky Point.  They will crush the rock to make road base.  There will be noise from the drilling and shooting.  The crusher will be on a track and as the rock is excavated and crushed the crusher will go deeper into the rock.  The cut will be from 60 - 70 feet deep.


There will be a full-time water truck on site for dust control.  The air quality permits are strict with the state.  Frehner Construction will have trucks, loaders and excavators.  The drilling will be the loudest noise.  Salt Lake Seismic will be the ones drilling and shooting.  Crushing will be during daylight hours, however, there may be some done at night, depending on their schedule.  They anticipate 260,000 yards of cut.  They will work long hours to get the crushing done this year.


Commission Member Bourne said he is not opposed to the project and lives right next to it.




Mr. Ashton explained that once the crusher is into the cut, it will be quieter.  The hours may vary, depending on the type of rock and the quantity in each area.  He said if they had to import the road base from somewhere else, they figure it may be about 16,000 loads that would be on the highway. 


Commission Member Bourne asked if it would be more beneficial to bring the large rocks into the valley and crush them down here for the 300 W. project.  Mr. Ashton said no, it=s better to do it up there.  It will take less loads to haul it down in smaller pieces.  They will probably start crushing around June, depending on the snow.  They need to start with drilling and other preparatory procedures.


Commission Member Maynes said the town wants to work with them the best we can, but we still need to watch out for our residents.  He said the crusher will be better up on the hill than here in town.  He asked if Mr. Ashton would send him information about the crusher. 


Mr. Ashton said there should be no weekend work on the crusher.  Their schedule is 4 -10 hr. days - Monday through Thursdays.  There may be a few Fridays, but it shouldn=t impact the traffic.


Mr. Ashton said they will stock pile as they prep.  He has talked with Ted Wilson and said he is agreeable to let them stock pile in an area up there for a fee.  He said they will hold weekly meetings on Wednesdays for people with questions.  They will also be having an open house.  Their office will be a 14'x70' trailer stationed at the Moose Canyon RV Park.  Commission Member Maynes said the RV park won=t have enough power for the trailer.  He suggested moving it to the Buttercup Mobile Home area.  Mr. Ashton said they need a computer line, and would like to be close to the Circle C pit area where they will be filling it.


Commission Member Bourne said that Utah Power can get temporary power to the Circle C pit, if needed.  He thought the phone company would follow by putting in new poles. 


Commission Member Bourne said we should wait and see how the crusher impacts others.  If it=s noisy, we can make conditions then. 


Mr. Ashton said there will be lights right on the area.  They can shine to the west if necessary.

The crusher will be electric which will be run with a generator.  He said it=s hard to hear unless you are right there.  All of the equipment will be brand new and state of the art, which will help with noise control.


Mr. Wentz said they have set up crushers in towns before, i.e. Honeyville.  There were no complaints about noise. The only complaint was the dust.


Mayor Hansen explained that Frehner Construction will be helping Garden City by building the 3rd West road.  We=ll all have to give and take.  We can handle whatever noise there may be in order to get a much needed road.


Commission Member McFarlane said we=ll all benefit when the roads are done.


Commission Member Maynes made the motion to grant the Conditional Use Permit for the crusher on Rocky Point for 18 months.  It is understood between both parties that if there are any complaints, we will sit down and discuss the complaints.  UDOT and the contractor are to complete this as soon as possible.  We want to maintain a good line of communication.  Any complaints will be addressed and handled immediately.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Mr. Wentz said if there are any issues, please go to Mr. Ashton, not an operator of the crusher.


Commission Member Maynes asked if Frehner Construction could get the town a letter of their chain of command.  The town could get them one also.  He asked them to keep us posted on meetings.


Mr. Ashton said they will start down town and the project will end at the summit.


Commission Member Maynes said if Frehner Construction finds good landscaping rock, the town would like it for beautification purposes.


There is no need for Frehner Construction to go to the Town Council.


Mr. Ashton said they are now looking for housing for 60 or so people.  Most will be here from Sunday through Wednesday night, which will fit good with the economy here.  They are union so most of their job openings need to be filled through the union.  They may be able to use a traffic control person to drive through the area and check barrels, signs, etc.  They don=t forsee needing the use of a traffic light.


Commission Member Maynes asked Frehner Construction to supply the town with a list of their subcontractors and any jobs that might be available.




Building Inspector Randy Erickson explained that the Town Council wanted him to take this ordinance to the Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Goeckeritz was the only business owner to respond and is not here tonight.  One of his issues is that the speed limit needs to be dropped, which the town doesn=t have authority to do.  He also wants the signs to be able to be displayed from the highest part of the building, i.e. chimney.  The Planning & Zoning said no.  The maximum height of the roof or 25' high.

Mayor Hansen wondered how off premise signs were addressed.  They looked through the ordinance.  He said it=s critical to address them and what zones they are allowed in.  There was also discussion about maintenance on signs.


Mr. Erickson wondered about off premise signs getting a certain amount of footage by frontage, which is done now.


Mayor Hansen talked about sizes of lots and signs.  He wondered if there is any reason to say that all businesses can=t have the same size of signs.


He wondered how big an off premise sign can be.  He said Laketown=s sign ordinance is simple.  Nothing can be over 4' x 8'  for off premise.


Commission Member Maynes doesn=t think we should have off-premise signs.  He said we should stop them for the future.  No one would mind not having off-premise signs.  He said there are other ways to get business.


Mayor Hansen said it just junks up the town.


Commission Member Maynes suggested using the sunset law to let those who have off-premise signs.  They can only stay up for 5 more years.  He would like the beautification committee to help decide about having off-premise signs.


Council Member Wride questioned the size of real estate signs.  Commission Member Bourne said for large lots, the signs should go back farther on the lot.  Mr. Erickson said if a two-sided sign is used, it would only be 5 x 5, which isn=t very big.


Mayor Hansen suggested making off-premise signs prohibited and not allowed in any zone.  He said we need to make sure business owners have plenty of on-premise signs.


Mr. Erickson said the new ordinance gives business owners about 3 times more on-premise signage.  Mayor Hansen said that will be good, if the signs are in good taste.


Commission Member Maynes said that is a good trade-off.  No off-premise signs, but more on-premise.


Council Member Wride suggested putting a map in a brochure which shows all the businesses.  Mayor Hansen said new businesses need to work hand in hand with the Chamber and Tourism.


We will have another public hearing for this ordinance.






Lighting for Garden City

Commission Member Bourne talked about the beautification committee talking with Utah Power to help with lighting.  He said Utah Power gives donations to a Retirement Center, which doesn=t really benefit Garden City.  Maybe we could get some of that money here to help with the lighting which would benefit Garden City.


CDBG Grant


Mayor Hansen said Friday=s newspaper will have an article about the CDBG grant.  Garden City has asked for $150,000 for a new library.  We were going to match it 100%, but it was only partially funded.  We got $61,000 federal money through BRAG.  He has talked with McKay Willis.  He said if some people in Laketown who also got some federal money, can=t do their project, maybe we could get some more money. 


Mayor Hansen said we will have a Public Hearing on the grant.  He feels we can do one of three things: 1) We just won=t do a library, 2) take the money and see if through community support, we could generate more money, or 3) we could tell the funding agent that they gave us $61,000.  We=ll do the best we can with that and come back next year for the balance.  We don=t know if they will continue with the funding.  If the project is changed, grants may not even work anymore.


Commission Chairman House suggested getting in touch with the governor=s office and have them help for economic development.


Mayor Hansen explained that Randolph has also applied for the CDBG grant for a restroom and sprinklers at their city park.




Council Member Wride asked if the Planning & Zoning Commission would be available for a meeting about the TRT tax.  It=s changing and Judy Holbrook could collect and have control over the tax.  The state wouldn=t.  Mayor Hansen would like to see it collected locally.




The minutes of  January 5, 2005 were presented.  Changes were made.  Commission Member Maynes made the motion to accept the minutes as amended.  Commission Member McFarlane seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Commission Member Maynes made the motion that we change the commercial strip to be a maximum of 300' deep as related to the minutes of the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting of January 5, 2005, page 2.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Beach Regulations


Commission Chairman House said the beach regulations will be the same this year as last year.


Sales Tax


Mayor Hansen said there is now a bill in the legislature to change the sales tax rate to a uniform rate throughout the whole state.  There are 92 different rates throughout the state now.   They will let  the small towns do it differently so they can still get their resort tax.  The collection of sales tax for Utah on internet sales is difficult because of the different rates here in Utah.  All services will be taxed.




Council Member Wride talked about a ACRM@  land use meeting which will be held next Friday at the senior center in Randolph.  They will talk about what to do with public/sovereign lands.




Commission Member McFarlane made the motion to adjourn at 8:52 p.m.





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