Meeting Minutes 2007





The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held a special meeting on Thursday, February 15, 2007 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Canyon Rd.  Commission Chairman Seamons opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m.


Commission Members Present:


            Jared Seamons

            Frank Smith

            Jennifer Huefner


Others Present:


            Sharlene Millard                                              

            Anita Weston                                                  

            Ray Elliott

            Dave Jensen

            Ken Hansen, Mayor

            Elizabeth Seiler

            Margaret Satterthwaite




Commission Chairman Seamons said we couldn’t get a hold of another commission member so we don’t have a quorum.  He was hoping to make a motion on the General Plan Committee. 


He said it was his desire to help with the General Plan and make it more in alignment with the community.  He would like to open it up for discussion with the Town Council here.  He thinks the thoughts the mayor had about the General Plan has given us a big boost in realizing the direction we need to move in support of the General Plan.  Maybe get a system formulated or talk about what we expect the committee to do.


Commission Chairman Seamons wondered who, within the community, would be good to have on the committee.  Afterwards, hopefully we can have a system knowing what they’ll be asked to do.  There needs to be someone who oversees the committee to keep things moving smoothly.


Commission Member Smith said it would be helpful if we had a copy of the graph the Mayor wrote on the board.  Mayor Hansen said he could flow-chart that.



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Commission Member Smith said we should define the roles, set the parameters and guidelines for those within the committee.


Commission Chairman Seamons said the committee will be asked to do a large job.  We don’t want them to be overwhelmed.  We also want them to stay within where they need to be.


Commission Member Smith said we could have a sheet that they can take with them to people in the community.  We need to get down what questions to ask.


Mayor Hansen suggested taking the format of Ivin’s City’s general plan and use that as the checklist.  We can also go through ours and get supporting ideas along with charts.  We want the committee to identify and see what’s important to them and how they perceive it and want it to happen.


Commission Chairman Seamons agrees, but doesn’t want to throw 32 people in a room.  It will be too cumbersome.  Mayor Hansen said that’s why if we’re smart enough in this undertaking and can find people that will qualify for more than one of those positions with the idea that they will need to talk to other people of the same category.


Mayor Hansen said one very important category is the transportation.  But now that there’s a transportation board, and they will be doing 90% of the work, that would make a good committee.  They will have a better knowledge because they’ll be faced with all the problems and experience first hand what it’s all about. 


Mayor Hansen said he feels we can do this.  Tony Escobar gave him these ideas and is willing to help if it is necessary.  He’s a problem solver and an amazing motivator.


Mayor Hansen said everyone’s been trying to get him to understand this for a long time.  We have an opportunity to have something fantastic if we can find the way to do it correctly.  We can have development and everyone have what they need and still come up with something great and lasting.  He’s intimidated by this process but will go forward as anyone else would.


Commission Chairman Seamons said we’re basically talking about breaking our General Plan down into categories of what we have or may need.  We need to look at the Ivins City’s situation.  It may fit well here.  A General Plan is just a general plan.


Commission Member Smith said that’s part of it.  We need the feedback from these people.  He suggested having teams instead of one person to take over.  Maybe have 4 or 5 different people on the committee.


Commission Chairman Seamons wondered if it was the intention of the Town Council to create more committees to work with this?  We need to do something and do it now.


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Mayor Hansen would like to make the first meeting with the committees a casual setting and just talk through things.  He wants the real feelings coming out of the people when they come in to talk.  When this is done, the community has made the decision, not just 2 or 3 people on the boards.


Commission Member Smith said he likes the idea of following the Ivin’s plan.  Then we have the responsibility to make it better.


Council Member Satterthwaite wondered about using the chamber, beautification committee, sewer board, cemetery board, fireboard, canal companies, the clinic could serve as emergency services, utilities, water, and the Bear Lake Regional Commission.  Mayor Hansen suggested someone from the schools.  He feels there will be a school here someday. 


Commission Member Smith said it’s also good to ask the public their point of view.  The groups could blend with the public.


Council Member Satterthwaite said it is hard to get it off the ground.  We need lighting, monument signs that are significant, etc.  to make the gateway to town look nice.


Mayor Hansen said if we bring the bar up, people will follow.  It’s hard to talk about other people’s property. 


Council Member Satterthwaite said it’s hard to get the quantum leap.  It’s nice to have the KOA for food, but for a practical matter, she goes to Logan.  We need to support the businesses better.  A lot of the businesses are just hanging on.


Mayor Hansen said our biggest stumbling block is ourselves.  He and Commission Chairman Seamons have been trying to get more going on in the winter.  We need to have services open later on in the evening.  Commission Member Smith said people would stay longer if there’s something to do or something cultural.


Council Member Seiler said the committees should see the video “The Secret”, which has been shown on Oprah.  It will help them open up their minds.


Commission Member Smith said he has land in many other states, but this area had something special – the forest and lake, etc.  He would like to have something that would make our town “outshine” Park City and Jackson.  We’ve got to believe that we can.  Once we believe it, we can make others believe it.


Mayor Hansen said we need to motivate them.


Commission Chairman Seamons said he would like to have some communication from other towns, but would like to see us use people within the annexation area.


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There was discussion about the process.  They thought of doing a calling tree.  Some thought a letter of intent would be good to do with a follow up phone call.  Mayor Hansen said this is the best thing they can do for their community.  They need to come to the first meeting.  It’s critical.


If we do a letter, let them know the Town Council chose them specifically.  Let them know they’re the ones chosen to do this. 


Commission Chairman Seamons said he will make sure the letter of intent gets written with a follow-up phone call.  Mayor Hansen said when we meet, we should have refreshments.  Send out the letter about 3 weeks in advance.  The movie will be shown with the groups.  We need to pump them up at the meeting.  We should have the format done by then showing the importance of the purpose of this.


Commission Member Huefner will get a format letter ready.  It will contain a place at the end to put comments.  Commission Member Smith wondered if there will be different questions for different groups.  Council Member Seiler said some would overlap.


Mayor Hansen said this meeting needs to have a very good agenda.  Almost like a motivational type of meeting where you build them up and give them the program and encourage them as they go out the door.  It needs to come from the Planning & Zoning.  Commission Chairman Seamons said they could do it.  Mayor Hansen would like it stressed that we are behind them 100%. 


Commission Chairman Seamons said a big part of it would be to have everyone show up.  We need to identify some goals and give them a timeframe to have it done by.  We should give them our current general plan and shown them Ivins’ plan.  Let them make the decision.  Mayor Hansen said we should also give them the flow chart and the concept.


Council Member Satterthwaite said if we drag this out, it won’t get done.  Commission Member Huefner suggested telling them it’s temporary.


Mayor Hansen said to not have the meeting on a Monday night.


Commission Member Smith suggested having the first meeting at Harbor Village and we could use their big screen TV.


It was decided to have a dinner/presentation on Wednesday, March 14th at Harbor Village.  We need to have the video ready.  The Town Council and Planning & Zoning Commission members need to be there.  We can give them until March 30th to get the report done.


Commission Chairman Seamons will do a calling tree and let us know if they need help.  They will work independently and will get together once or twice.

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Commission Chairman Seamons said he appreciates everyone’s support.  He thinks there will still need to be input required from everyone.  He will e-mail the input.  He will get a letter of intent prepared.  It should be done by February 23rd, 2007.  A follow up will be done midway between the meeting date and the date letters are sent out.


Commission Member Huefner will get a draft of the letter done.  Any communication by e-mail will be carbon copied to all.


Commission Member Huefner made the motion to close the meeting at 8:00 p.m.  Commission Member Smith seconded the motion.




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