Meeting Minutes June 2005






The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held a special meeting on Tuesday, June 7, 2005 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd. Vice Chairman Hodges opened the meeting 7:05 p.m.


Those Present:


Cindy McFarlane

Lance Bourne

Nate Parry

Lana Hodges


Excused: Brian House  


Others Present:


Sharlene Millard

Randy Erickson

Craig Sears

Frank Smith

Malik Hamilton

William Serviss

Corey Doolin

Richard Wolthuis

Steve Kier

Pat and Laura Reilley

Hyrum Lantz




Malik Hamilton said he would like to use the restaurant space at Harbor Village for his restaurant starting in July.


Frank Smith said there’s always been a kitchen downstairs. They’ll be moving the rest of the equipment downstairs. Mr. Hamilton will have a good menu. There will be outdoor dining, which they have already met with the Health Dept. about it.


They will have handicap accessible parking on the ground floor.


Hyrum Lantz said they will adequately enlarge the parking with handicap parking.


They will put stone all around the bottom floor of the building with canopies over tables.


The cooking vent will be moved to downstairs. The Building Inspector has already talked with them about replacement of the equipment, etc.


Mr. Smith said the downstairs area has been used for years as a kitchen. There are grease traps, etc. The kitchen upstairs is actually a cubicle.


Commission Member Parry said it’s a good idea to move the kitchen downstairs.


Building Inspector Erickson said he has looked downstairs. The hood has to have a fire suppression attached and brought up to code. He has discussed the suppression issues with Mr. Smith. A design professional will have to address all of the area as well as firewalls. The bathrooms have been an issue in the past. He has talked about everything, i.e. exits, etc. A design professional will specify certain things to be there and they’ll go from there. His Business License will be contingent on parking, fire suppression issues being updated, etc.


Mr. Lantz said all the exits have been previously marked. The handicap parking will be gravel. Building Inspector Erickson said it should be made of asphalt, so wheelchairs can use it.


Commission Member Parry wondered about the past problem with access to the bathrooms. Mr. Smith said the restrooms used to be locked for political reasons. There are arrangements now to be addressed and things should be all right.


Mr. Hamilton said this year the restaurant will be opened during the summer season. He would eventually like to be open year round. Mr. Smith would like to take care of more conventions, group dinners, etc. the other months of the year.


Mr. Hamilton will lease the downstairs from Mr. Smith.


Mr. Lantz said Harbor Village is a heritage building of Bear Lake. They’d like to keep it like that.


Commission Member Bourne asked if they were aware of the Architectural Standards. They said they are aware of them and with the stone on the outside, they felt like they were within the standards.


They are working on getting a state liquor license.


Commission Member Maynes wasn’t here tonight, but left his remarks. He wants to make sure there is approval from the Health Dept., also bringing the building up to code with the Building Inspector. The road entrance is an additional concern. Mr. Smith said most everyone wants it out of there.


Mr. Smith said he has just purchased the notes on the property. He controls interest of Harbor Village at this point. Commission Member Hodges said whoever the legal owner is, needs to sign the application. Mr. Smith will have Mr. Bullock sign it.


Building Inspector Erickson said there are no significant changes on the inside. The biggest concern is the parking.


Mr. Smith is buying Harbor Village from Mr. Bullock. Mr. Bullock will have an interest in it.


The restaurant will serve lunch and dinner. It’s American to New American cuisine. They will serve potato lobster cake, smoked chicken, trout, salmon, steak, etc. said Mr. Hamilton.


Commission Member Bourne made the motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for M’shaka’s while addressing the letter from Kent Wangsgard, handicap parking, number of parking stalls to be determined by the Building Inspector, they will need to meet the health code requirements, architectural standards need to be met, signature by Dennis or Frank as he takes ownership, and payment of fees. No problem if he starts now as long as those are met before business.


Commission Member Hodges asked about the Business License. These conditions need to be given to Town Council.


Commission Member McFarlane seconded the motion. All in favor and the motion carried.




Mr. Wolthuis is the project manager of Trendwest. He had previously applied for three additional buildings in Phase III. They decided the maintenance building wouldn’t be the best way to use the space and wanted to add an additional unit - building 4. All density, green space, etc. requirements have been met.


The Building Permit for the recently approved Phase III already has had everything addressed. The civil questions have also been addressed. They would like to amend what was previously approved.


They discussed RV Parking. Ms. Bown said they can still park RV’s there. There has been an acre that had previously been used for that.


They talked about the RV Parking. They will still be able to continue parking there. There has been an acre that had previously been bought from Dennis but hasn’t been properly recorded. He doesn’t know what the use will be.


Commission Member Bourne is concerned with the RV’s with trailers. He’s wondering if some of that area should be used for parking. He said we definitely need to make sure there is RV parking.


Mr. Wolthuis agrees that an area needs to be accessible for RV parking. He said it’s a detail that needs to be worked out.


Building Inspector Erickson said the town is also running ATV and bike trail to the entrance of Harbor Village so that the trails in the mountains can be accessed. It may be accessed.


Mr. Wolthuis said there are 33 parking stalls planned for the 3 proposed buildings. The same parking should be met for the additional building. They will also address the RV parking.


Building Inspector Erickson said he is the one who dictates the parking. It will be a popular place. It may be hard to determine.


Building Inspector Erickson said he has already been through the plans of the other 3 proposed buildings. The plan review and engineering have already been met. The permit has been ready for weeks for them to pay for. They have been on track.


Pat Reilley said he is happy to have Trendwest. They build beautiful buildings and they are well built. His main concern, as a homeowner, is that the entrance to Harbor Village is a major problem. It is a problem of the Homeowners Association, but it’s a big problem. He hopes someone, sometime will look at it. It should be big enough for big vehicles to access and exit. He’s afraid he’ll be told he can’t use the amenities because Trendwest is getting so big.


Corey Doolin said the Master Association is looking at getting the planter out of the opening of Harbor Village. Something should happen within a month. He hasn’t heard anything about discontinuing the relationship with the association. He doesn’t think the Master Association will stop letting the homeowners use the amenities.


Commission Member McFarlane asked if there are any future plans for a maintenance building. Mr. Wolthuis said they may incorporate one into the check-in building.


Building Inspector Erickson asked when Trendwest turns in the plans for a new building, will they include grading, etc? Mr. Wolthuis said yes. They will rely on the same set of drawings for the buildings. Building Inspector Erickson said the plans are find, they’ll just add on the fees.


Commission Member Parry is only concerned with the entrance and parking.


Commission Member McFarlane made the motion that we accept the revision of Trendwest’s Harbor Village Phase II.


Commission Member Parry asked about limiting the amount of cars that can be brought by customers. Mr. Doolin said they don’t regulate the amount of cars, just the occupancy of the unit. If they have to worry about it, he would say 2 cars per unit. If they have trailers, there’s a place to park it.


Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion. All in favor and the motion carried.




Sign Ordinance


Building Inspector Erickson talked about the sign ordinance. He has seen 4 businesses that have violated the sign ordinance. He has gotten all 4 to comply. He talked about Bryce Huefner’s signs. He has finally complied. He is wondering about a new structure that is not really a building. It’s more of an archway and is decorative. It’s no difference than a fence as far as setbacks. He didn’t know what to call it. It’s completely done now.


Mr. Huefner is cleaning up the corner and putting in a flagpole.


Mr. Goeckeritz’s sign meets the ordinance. He took down the other sign and will be coming to Planning & Zoning to discuss making it into a Monument Sign.


Commission Member Hodges asked about the previously approved caboose. Building Inspector Erickson said it wouldn’t meet the Architectural Standards, so they put a playground there. It would also hinder the other buildings they’ll be adding.


Commission Member Hodges asked about the semi at Joel Parrish’s. Building Inspector Erickson said we’re writing a letter. The Mayor told him to just put an end to it. He did take the skirting off, but nothings happened yet.


Commission Member Parry said he helped the town by having the garbage cleanup by his business, but the county wouldn’t pick up the frig’s. Now he’s stuck with a bunch of them. He doesn’t think we should have the garbage pick up anymore.


Commission Member Hodges asked about the situation with Harry Bennion. His Conditional Use Permit has expired as far as the storage area. Commission Member Parry asked why he isn’t getting prosecuted and Mr. Parrish is. It was explained that he’s commercial. Mr. Parrish has pulled the semi into his yard. It’s not safe or up to code. It’s not a permitted use and there’s no building permit.


Commission Member McFarlane made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. Commission Member Parry seconded the motion. All in favor and the motion carried.


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