Meeting Minutes 2006






The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, June 7, 2006 at the Garden City Office Building, located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Commission Chairman House opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Commission Members Present:


Jared Seamons

         Lance Bourne

         Jennifer Huefner

         Frank Smith

         DJ Ballingham

         Troy Petersen

Excused:  Brian House


Others Present:


         Sharlene Millard

         Mike Leonhardt

         Lana Hodges

         Bobbi Saxton

         Diane Alleman

         Ed Price




Commission Member Ballingham said he has a conflict of interest with this project, but he won’t abstain from voting.


Mr. Price explained that Mr. Ballingham would like to buy an acre of his land to build on.  He also has someone else who would like to buy a lot for future building.  In order to do that, he needs to go through the subdivision process.  He proposes to split property north of his home into three lots, which would extend from 100 W. to the future 300 W. road.

Two lots will be roughly an acre; the lot near 300 W. will be over 2 acres


Commission Member Seamons questioned putting the access easement so it would align with 250 S. Street.


Mr. Price said he is aware there need to be two accesses, which will be at 100 W. and the future 300 W.



Commission Member Seamons said it may be too difficult to match the two streets because his home is right in the path.  The owner on the end of the street may dedicate 75’ to the town for 300 W.  It is drawn up so that he can, but will be up to the new owner.  A mortuary business would like to have the lot next to 300 W. so it would be of his benefit to dedicate the property to the town.


Mr. Price said he doesn’t want to do a joint declaration.  Commission Member Seamons said one issue of connecting the access easement to the road is that the road should be 56’ and it’s only 50’.  Mr. Price said he’s already talked with the Town Council about putting a road in there and they’re not interested.


Commission Member Huefner said it would be in the towns and owners interest to consider a dedication to help with 300 W. going by there. 


Mr. Price said if the motion is going to say the road width needs to be increased, the town doesn’t want the roads.  That road shouldn’t be a road to 300 W.  It will only be accessible to the lots.  When the mortuary comes is, it will only be beneficial for them to get access from 300 W.


Commission Member Smith made the motion that we accept this based on the dedication to 300 W. and it is subject to go to the Town Council to verify that this 50’ easement is enough.  Commission Member Huefner seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion passed.




Mrs. Saxton explained that she wants to do a photography business in a 12’ x 14’ space at the Bear Country Village at 65 W. Logan Rd.  She will have 4 different types of backgrounds.  She would eventually like to do the old-time photos.  The photography will be all-digital.


They don’t know if the fence is done by England’s.  They hope he hurries up with the finish work. 


Commission Member Petersen made the motion to accept the Conditional Use Permit application.  Commission Member Ballingham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Commission Member Seamons reminded them that they do need to get a Business License for Photo Frenzy.




Frank Smith is released as Planning & Zoning member to lead the discussion.


Mr. Smith said that on some of the smaller lots in town, the rear setbacks are too large.  He understands that a front setback needs to be larger, but he doesn’t believe a rear setback needs to be so large.  He feels that it makes such a small footprint and difficult to build on.  He said Scott Gough was wondering if affordable housing could go on those lots and wondered if the Planning & Zoning could look at that.


The Variance Board has recently had a few issues with the rear setbacks on some lots in subdivisions around town, specifically in Triangle Estates.  They have been told that just recently 5 lots were sold and they will all be coming in for variances.  Are variances the right thing to do?  The Variance Board also wondered if the Planning & Zoning could change any setbacks for specific subdivisions that have the small lots.


Mr. Smith said he doesn’t think affordable housing means a 600 sq. ft. home.  At some of the previous meetings he’s gone to, they wondered about having smaller lots, which would be more density.


Commission Member Seamons said it’s good to look into this, but he doesn’t know that it can be changed without a variance or changing an ordinance, but maybe it could for a new development.  Commission Member Petersen asked how can you change after others have had to follow.


Commission Member Seamons said we’ll discuss that at another time.  Lana Hodges had a suggestion.  Commission Member Seamons said this is a Planning & Zoning meeting and we’re not supposed to take public input at this time.  He wishes that when we have a Public Hearing to discuss this, that she’ll come and talk.  If he lets the audience talk, it could change the type of meeting and we’re not allowed to do that.




Commission Member Bourne questioned having a daycare in the highway commercial zone.  It was discussed and decided to leave it in that zone.  It might be good to make fencing a condition for daycare in that zone.


Commission Member Ballingham recommends that fencing be required in the highway commercial zone.


Commission Member Ballingham made the motion to accept the ordinances as has been established, amending only the highway commercial zone indicating that it be either a Conditional Use Permit or that fencing be in place, allowing the type of fence to be determined at a later specific meeting.  Commission Member Smith seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.





There were no minutes to present to the Planning & Zoning Commission this month.





Council Member Leonhardt asked the Planning & Zoning Commission if they would like some training.  They agreed that it would be good to have some training.  They would like to schedule it at the Citizen Input meeting.


300 W. Road

Commission Member Smith said he talked with Council Member Elizabeth Seiler about the 300 W. road.  She understands that Frehner Construction should start any day.  There are a couple of minor issues to be dealt with.  It has to do with irrigation across the road.


300 W. will be roughed in and won’t connect to the highway.  Council Member Seiler will be meeting with UDOT.  The issue is the turn lane and the study to do the lane, which is being required.  The road is staked out.



There was a question if Lochwood is going to be starting soon.  It was stated that they should be starting their first phase soon.  They are all approved.



Commission Member Bourne said the new bike path extension by Harbor Village is right on top of the power line for Utah Power & Light.  That’s their main feed to the Idaho border.  The grade can’t be dropped, but if they raised it, it would be good.


Commission Member Seamons asked about clarification about the conversation that’s not on the agenda and how it changes the entire agenda.  Council Member Leonhardt said it’s up to the chairman.




Mr. Pugmire said Steve Willis will be doing a snowmobile shop in the front of the store on the lot at 100 N.  100 W. and lease the back to Darin Lutz.  The storefront will be used for a snowmobile shop.  Mr. Willis will build mods for racing.  He’s not sure what the rest of the lot will be used for.


There is a vacant lot that sits between this building and the north subdivision.  Commission Member Seamons asked about a possible 200 W. road going in.  Mr. Pugmire said there is no road.  They will be accessing from off the road at 100 W. and go to 75 N.  There will be nothing behind the building.  There will be a privacy fence on all three sides.

It is zoned commercial.  The requirements for fencing is 6’ high.  Mr. Pugmire plans on a privacy fence, either chain link with slats or vinyl. 


Mr. Pugmire thinks the dumpster will be around back.  They would like to pave the entire front and gravel both sides with concrete by the side doors.  The propane tank will be buried.  It will probably be close to the front for easy access.  He’s not sure about what type of lighting will be in the parking lot.  Commission Member Petersen said it should face downward.  Mr. Pugmire said there wouldn’t be business in the evenings, so there shouldn’t be a problem with the lighting.  Maybe two poles in the parking lot with down lighting. 


Commission Member Seamons said the roof pitch should be 4 x 12.  Commission Member Petersen said the front can be up to 50% or all wood, but no more than 50% vinyl or stucco.  He said it would look funny to have 50% rock.  He said it looks good the way he has it planned.


Mr. Pugmire said that’s not an issue.  He said they will work with whatever the Planning & Zoning wants.  The plans can obviously change for the front.  There will be trees and rock landscaping with 20% shrubbery.  They will have a monument sign.  He was told to look through the ordinance for dimensions and sizes of the sign.  They will compact gravel where there is gravel.  There will be curbing where asphalt is to deal with the drainage.  He’s not sure how to deal with drainage.  He may have to do something inside the parking lot and run everything in a pit. 


Commission Member Bourne said earth tone colors are required.


Mr. Willis said he does not plan on selling sleds.  There is a possibility but there are a lot of regulations he doesn’t want to deal with. He will be leasing some property to Darin Lutz and might put a dividing wall between himself and Darin Lutz.


All trucks will go straight out onto the road at 75 N. not on 100 W., which is not for heavy trucks.  It will be a nice location and nice building. 


Council Member Leonhardt said the Architectural Standards might cover the fencing issues.  He’s also concerned about the noise and wondered what residents can expect.  Will the noise be from 9:00 to 5:00?  Mr. Willis said it will be a machine shop.  Most of the noise will be in those hours.  He also needs to have the fire department inspect his building for fire safety.


Commission Member Seamons wants to make sure whatever excess materials are there are stored properly.


There was more discussion about a fence.  They plan on putting the privacy fence on the north and south sides of the lot.  The fence will be bordering a residential lot. 



Commission Member Ballingham asked if the property owners next to them would be able to have a say or agreement with the type of fence to be put in. Council Member Leonhardt said if there is an issue between two ordinances, the more strict will take precedence.  Mrs. Millard said they would be willing to split the cost for a nice fence.  Commission Member Seamons told Mr. Pugmire and Mr. Willis to talk with the neighbors and work it out.


Commission Member Bourne said the Architectural Standards require that asphalt be on the front and sides of the structure.


Commission Member Huefner wondered if it needs to be asphalted on the sides of the building if the building is on a street side.


Council Member Leonhardt told the Planning & Zoning Commission to do what they want with their decisions.  This will go to the Town Council and they will make the final decision.


Commission Member Bourne and Commission Member Petersen think that it should be all right to just pave the front of the parking lot.


Commission Member Ballingham said he wouldn’t want to have to put the pavement on all sides.  He feels just asphalting the parking lot would be okay.


Commission Member Ballingham made the motion to accept the proposed plan with the following stipulations:  It meets Architectural Standards, both pitch as well as style facing the street, the fence on the residential side also meets appropriate size, being 6’and leave open to agreement between the business owner and residential property owners.  All standards need to be met in regard to fire standards and hazardous waste. Asphalt be placed, not only on the front of the building, but along the side, back to perhaps where the garage cement aprons are placed uphill.  Outside lighting placed appropriately.  Also the drain in the parking lot be large enough or use the French drain to accept whatever amount of water is required.  Monument sign requirement be adhered to for this particular business.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Before occupancy of building, they will need a Conditional Use Permit. And they will work out the fence issue with the Millard’s.


Commission Member Petersen made the motion to adjourn at 8:10 p.m.


APPROVED:                                     ATTEST:




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Jared Seamons, Vice Chairman                      Assistant Clerk