Meeting Minutes 2007







The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Commission Chairman Seamons opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Commission Members Present:


            Jared Seamons, Chairman

            Lance Bourne

            Frank Smith

            Jennifer Huefner


Excused:  Greg Bills

                 DJ Ballingham


Others Present:


            Sharlene Millard                                               Brian Leishman

            Anita Weston                                                   David Bell

            Bill Shupe                                                         Duane Smith

            Richard Phyzier                                                Dennis Bullock

            Marty Phipps                                                    Brian House

            Ryan Rogers                                                     Hyrum Lantz

            Richard Bodrero                                               Uriah Linkogle

            Paul Webb                                                       Bryce Huefner

            Paul Davis




The minutes of the special Planning & Zoning meeting of Feb. 15, 2007 were presented.   Commission Member Smith made motion to accept the minutes as written. Commission Member Huefner seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


The minutes of the Public Hearing of Feb. 7, 2007 were presented.  Commission Member Huefner made the motion to accept as presently stated.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


The minutes of the Regular Planning & Zoning meeting of Feb. 7,2007 were presented.  Commission Member Smith made the motion to accept as presented.  Commission Member Huefner seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Dwayne Smith and Bill Shupe were here representing LeGrand Johnson Construction.  Mr. Shupe said he has not drawn up a plan for the trees because the company had a question about it and he doesn’t have the authority to plant the trees.  Mr. Smith wants to know what they wanted for sure.  Commission Chairman Seamons read from their original Conditional Use Permit stating to plant trees every 20 feet.  Since then, they have recognized that it was not the best use of the landscape and have considered clusters of trees with rocks.  Mr. Smith said they only have a Conditional Use Permit for 3.22 acres of Gene Cook’s piece of property.  The office thought all the slopes were done, but they’re not. 


They looked at a map and Mr. Shupe showed which piece they feel has a Conditional Use Permit on it.  The small piece is sloped to 50%.


Commission Member Bourne said the Conditional Use Permit doesn’t specify that it’s for a certain piece of property.  It does state to have trees and there’s a penalty for not having them.


Mr. Smith said he’s got the original application.  He wouldn’t apply for a Conditional Use Permit for a gravel pit.  It was only 3.22 acres.  But wants to know what they want.


Commission Member Smith said they with about us trying to make this area look nice.  There is a safety issue.  In the spirit of cooperation whether this Conditional Use Permit use is for a small area or larger, we are asking everyone to do some sort of landscaping along this corridor.  Mr. Smith said all the pits that are holes get filled in.  Commission Member Smith said that would be a great place for a city park in the future.


Commission Chairman Seamons said the Planning & Zoning is fairly new and may not be familiar with this.  We do need to come to some type of agreement.  The situation is that we need to come to some conclusion about what is going to happen.


Mr. Smith said he has come over with his attorney and met with Mayor Hansen and he agreed that he was right.  He showed a copy of the letter stating that what they’re doing is okay.   They have only asked for a Conditional Use Permit on the 3.22 acres.


Commission Chairman Seamons said the confusion is that the Conditional Use Permit is issued to LeGrand Johnson and there’s other things going on than what’s stipulated.  We need to keep in compliance with the permit.


Mr. Smith said they were doing business in the county and because they were within ½ mile of the town they were given the option to annex.  He has a letter stating that once they were in the town, nothing, even the property taxes, wouldn’t change.   They could continue doing business as they were.



Commission Member Bourne said we’re just asking them to put in a berm with some trees and rocks.  Mr. Smith said he would rather see the pit be filled up.  Commission Chairman Seamons said they would like to see a plan presented for the whole thing.  Mr. Smith said we need to make sure there is no Conditional Use Permit on the ready mix part of the operation.


Commission Chairman Seamons said he will speak with the mayor personally and try to work through this.  Mr. Smith said he would also like to meet with him.


Commission Member Bourne said the Conditional Use Permit doesn’t specify where the property is.  The Planning & Zoning would like to see a group of trees with zero-scape landscaping with rock.  Mr. Smith asked if native plants are zero-scape.  It was explained that native plants are not zero-scape.  It’s something that doesn’t need water.


Commission Member Smith said when people drive down the road into town, we want things to look better.  A few trees and rocks, in the spirit of cooperation, would be nice.


Commission Chairman Seamons said we want to make sure we’re supporting you and you’re following what’s on your Conditional Use Permit.  We are going with what’s in front of us.


Mr. Smith said when Mr. Shupe is done with the reclamation, he wants a release of the Conditional Use Permit.  Commission Chairman Seamons said a Conditional Use Permit doesn’t get released.  They decided to let the attorney’s work it out.  Both parties are frustrated.


Mr. Shupe asked the office to correspond through the Logan Office from not on.


NEW COMMERCIAL ADDITION,  Bear’s Den Bear Lake, Tom Bashford


Marty Phipps is here representing Tom Bashford.  He is part owner of the Bear’s Den Bear Lake.


Commission Chairman Seamons asked where the fire hydrant is.  Mr. Phipps thinks it’s between the building and the house.


Mr. Phipps said the addition is for a showroom.  The upstairs is for storage.  He doesn’t not plan on renting out the rooms. They may possibly move the office there.  Commission Chairman Seamons said if they ever rent them out, they need to address parking.  Mr. Phipps said they aren’t going to occupy that part of the building.


Commission Chairman Seamons questioned the 25’.  He’s concerned about having parking stalls on the side of the building.  Mr. Phipps said the property is completely open, he would rather have it up front for exposure.  It’s a large parking lot.  He anticipates having a sign on the side of the building or striping the road showing additional parking in the rear.


Commission Chairman Seamons is concerned about having people going to the showroom and blocking the driveway.  He’s wondering about the safety.  Mr. Phipps said he could paint the lanes and have a sign showing no parking. 


The dumpsters are in the back.  The garbage truck can get back there okay.  They will leave the room ground level for handicap purposes.  They will access through the front.  They haven’t done the electrical plans yet.  He hasn’t thought about the outside lights yet.  Right now there is lighting under the eaves.  It’s a good safety feature and he’ll probably continue that.  There is nothing projecting out.  They are meeting the Architectural Sandards.


Commission Chairman Seamons said his biggest concern is if the upstairs ever gets turned into office space, we need make sure the Conditional Use Permit states that they do have plenty of parking for whatever the use is.  Marty doesn’t know why the architect put it on there.  They just want a decent showroom.


Commission Member Bourne asked if the diesel pump would still be there.  Mr. Phipps said he would like to move it.  But with the cost to put it underground, he doesn’t think he could re-coup the costs.  He may even get rid of the diesel.  He doesn’t see the return.


Commission Member Bourne suggested doing some special barricading on the sides.


Commission Member Bourne made the motion to approve the Bear’s Den Bear Lake addition with the following conditions;  Architectural Standards will be met, which they have already done a great job, handicap parking to be put in, striping on all parking for flow of traffic, signage for parking in the rear.  People come to Bear Lake and have trailers, ATV’s.  We don’t want them to pull in there and not be able to turn around.  Also  barricade the diesel tanks.  Commission Member Huefner seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


COMMERCIAL BUILDING ADDITION, Royal Juniper Woodworks,  Richard Bodrero


Mr. Bodrero showed the existing building and said they’ll turn the gable towards the front. 


Commission Chairman Seamons asked if they have a plan for parking.  Mr. Bodrero doesn’t have an actual plot plan.  Commission Chairman Seamons is concerned with setbacks and access.  The new building is flush with the existing building.  The setbacks are approximately 52’ and 60’ on sides.  It will face 300 W.  He has plenty of room in the rear and side for setbacks.  Until 3rd West is complete, he can’t do much.  The second entrance, which is the circular driveway in the front, will be eliminated this spring, as he understands.  Other entrances are too close to the driveway for UDOT.


Mr. Bodrero said the building is 164’ from the rear.  The lot is less than 1 acre.  Commission Chairman Seamons would like to see for sure what the setbacks are. 

The parking will have access to 3rd West.  Mr. Bodrero said he would like to use 3rd West as the main entrance when it comes in. 


The addition will just be for a showroom.  There is no upstairs. It will have an open vault ceiling.  There will be storage in the basement.  Commission Chairman Seamons would like to see a layout for what he anticipates for parking.  The parking is presently graveled. 


Commission Chairman Seamons questioned putting in some rock to follow the Architectural Standards.  Mr. Bodrero wants it to look nice and not look like an addition.

Commission Member Huefner said it doesn’t require rock to follow the Architectural Standards.  He’ll be using log and that will follow the standards. 


Commission Chairman Seamons questioned the lighting.  Will it be down lit for safety?  Mr. Bodrero said he hasn’t thought about that.  He said it’s a 3-month business and they will close at 6:00 in the evening.  Commission Member Smith said if there is a motion light on the outside that would be nice.  If he has a porch, the lights need to face downward.


Commission Member Huefner said he will need to follow the Architectural Standards and have 20% landscaping.  The landscaping of natural rock, trees and bushes is more for beautification.  Commission Member Smith said he has some done.  Mr. Bodrero would like to dress the 3rd West side up.


Commission Member Smith made the motion to approve the addition of the commercial building for Royal Juniper Woodworks as he has submitted and that he will comply with the Architectural Standards set forth by the city.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Commission Chairman Seamons said he wants to go through the PUD checklist and make sure everything is ready for recording.  All present fees have been paid.  The CC&R’s were recorded with the first phase. 


Commission Member Bourne questioned the minutes of April 5th, 2006.  He wants to make sure the off site parking, the buried propane tanks and the dumpster sites are taken care of.  Brian Lyons said on the preliminary plat, it showed the off street parking and they have removed a lot to add extra parking.  He showed the dumpster locations.  They discussed the open space by the canal.  Some space is usable, some is not.  They have 14% usable space.  There will be a walking area within the trees near the canal.


Mr. Bullock said the sewer and water is in for Phase I.  The power is paid for and the vaults for electricity are paid for.  The conduit will be put in this week or next.





Commission Member Bourne said when approval for Phase I was given, it was also stipulated that Phase I needs to be finished before anything can start on other phases.

Mr. Bullock said this was talked about last time and everyone said it’s okay.  He has a letter of credit for the pavement, but that can’t be done this time of year.


Commission Member Bourne said the grade has to be final and completely finished.  He and Scott Jessen were looking there today and there were mounds everywhere.  Mr. Bullock said he can’t do it with the weather.  Scott Gough and Troy Petersen will be doing it.  The vault thing is pretty new.  The swimming pool with the letter of credit will be included with Phase II.  The plat can’t be recorded without the letter of credit.


Mr. Bullock said they anticipate paving as fast as they can.  The entire project will be done this year.  The sewer and water will go in immediately on Phase II as soon as it’s recorded.


Commission Member Huefner asked about the plans for the open space.  It will be a park where badminton, croquet, football, etc can be played.


Commission Member Bourne referred to the meeting of April 5, 2006, which talked about putting in the CC&R’s who is responsible to maintain the open space.  Mr. Bullock said the town had a copy when it was recorded.  The roads are private and will be turned over to the Homeowner’s Association, also the maintenance of the open space.


Commission Member Smith made the motion to approve the Lochwood PUD as per what has been presented to us.  The pool and the clubhouse will be in Phase II.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Commission Member Smith said he has a conflict of interest. 


Mr. Rogers said he would like to put some luxury condominiums above Raspberry Patch.  They will be the townhome type of condominiums with rock and masonite siding so they will look like cabins.  They would like to build between 95-99 condominiums.  This is currently a 20-acre parcel.  Presently, Dennis Bullock and Frank Smith each own 10 acres.  Some condos will have basements. The road will be 10% grade and below.  There is a small section of 12% grade.  


There will be an access through Elk’s Ridge which will circle around.  They will not build on the 30% grade section to protect the homes beneath the hill.  They will have a clubhouse with pool, gym and mailboxes.  The open space of 10% will easily be met  along with the usable percentage of open space.  Every condominium will have usable open space.


Commission Member Huefner questioned the roadways.  She wondered if there will also be a road through Harbor Village.  They said yes and another one is planned.  She wondered if the access is large enough for the amount of traffic going through.  Commission Member Smith said there is a gate for Dr. Weber who has legal access.  It comes down in the springtime.  It’s an emergency exit.  Another entrance will eventually go through Swan Creek. 


There are close to 100 lots in Phase I and II of Elk’s Ridge.  Commission Member Smith said he feels the road will be adequate compared to other subdivisions.


Mr. Rogers said they plan to sell the condo’s.  They will have the same CC&R’s as Elk’s Ridge will have.  There will be no nightly rentals.  That impacts too much.


They will meet with the mayor to discuss water.  They will have to buy water from the town.  The town engineer is getting an amount for them.


Mr. Rogers asked if the Planning & Zoning would have any problems with a Conditional Use at this point so they can get approval to move ahead.   Commission Chairman Seamons said it wouldn’t be in the best interest to decide that right now.  They will need to apply.  There doesn’t seem to be any issues of a major concern. 


Commission Member Bourne said that with that many units, they will need 3-phase power there.  Mr. Rogers said he would like to do this in 2 phases.


Mr. Rogers is aware of all engineering requirements for the town.


Commission Member Huefner questioned the grade.  Mr. Rogers said there is 200’ which will be 12%.  Some of it is now 13% but they will bring most of it down to 12%.


Commission Chairman Seamons said they would appreciate them being within the requirements.  Commission Member Bourne said the biggest concern is access for fire trucks. 


Mr. Rogers said they just want to make sure they follow the requirements.


CONCEPTUAL PUD,  Brian Leishman  


Mr. Leishman is here along with Dave Bell and Paul Davis.  Mr. Leishman explained that they have 11 acres west of Canyon Cove.  He thinks this project will fit within what Garden City would like.  There will be 2 commercial pads on the 11 acres along with 80 townhomes/condos.  He understands there needs to be a Conditional Use Permit but wondered about the relationship with a PUD.  Commission Chairman Seamons said the PUD would be the Conditional Use Permit.  Commercial property will be subject to their own Conditional Use Permit.


The Conditional Use Permit does not require an annual review unless the board requires them to come back.  They will need a Conditional Use Permit for the businesses that will be there, and if there is a change in ownership, they will need to come back to change the Conditional Use Permit.  As far as building the buildings, you don’t need a Conditional Use Permit; it will just fall into the category of a PUD.


They will need to follow the ordinance for commercial buildings and follow the Architectural Standards.  Commission Chairman Seamons would like to see the trees near the roadways.  It makes Garden City look more appealing.  They’re making a good conscious effort. 


Mr. Leishman said they want to do this right.  Their idea is to have a gateway as you enter the commercial area.  They would like to do the entrance and signage in the front.

He showed what the townhomes elevations looked like.


Commission Member Bourne said there will need to be two entrances/exits.  UDOT may require them to have a turning lane off of the highway.


Commission Member Bourne said this is one of the best looking designs he’s seen.  But they do need two entrances off the road instead of within the PUD.  He didn’t see any other big issues right now.


Commission Chairman Seamons said they’re concerned about the two entrances for emergency purposes.  But they will definitely want to talk with UDOT on what they will require.  There was discussion about putting another road next to the RV Park or Canyon Cove. 


There will be an indoor pool included.


Commission Chairman Seamons suggested they come up with a plan before they talk with UDOT.  Come back with your solution.


Commission Member Bourne said they would prefer to have two roads coming off the highway, but didn’t know if UDOT would like it.


Under the ordinance, there needs to be two entrances into the PUD, not the commercial area.  Commission Chairman Seamons said if they made two of their entrances into the PUD extra wide so that two lanes could go on each one, it might work.


There was discussion about working something out with the clinic for an emergency road on their property.  There needs to be traffic flow in two areas.


Their biggest concern is safety.  This area is currently zoned commercial.


Commission Chairman Seamons said his first feeling is if he could find another access off of 3rd West, it would be best.  He talked about accessing off a small road in the rear lot and using an access from the motel.  It may be more accessible than going through the commercial area.  They also wouldn’t have to work with UDOT.


They will have about 40% landscaping, 37% hardscaping and 23% building, which is less than what is required. 


Commission Member Bourne said when people come up, they bring their boats, trailers, ATV’s, etc.  He suggested maybe converting some of their lots into open space for parking.  He showed an area for that.  He said most people won’t want to leave their expensive boat across the PUD.  Commission Member Smith wondered about a locking system.


Commission Member Bourne said in Lochwood, there is about 25’ from the sidewalk to the house.  That would help people to not park on the street.  In existing PUD’s, there are a lot of people coming and going and it gets really congested.


Commission Chairman Seamons said they expect to see an engineered drawing for the preliminary.  They will need to make sure they meet the Architectural Standards.  They should contact UDOT.




Uriah Smith was here representing Mr. Larson.


Commission Member Frank Smith said he has a conflict of interest.  Commission Member Huefner also said she has a conflict of interest.  She is part owner of the property, but no vote is required for a conceptual.


Mr. Uriah Smith presented a letter of intent from Mr. Larson.


Mr. Frank Smith said this PUD will help with moderate income housing for the area.  These units will be for long-term rentals.  This type of thing is needed in the area.   He said he has met with Council Member Seiler about ingress/egress requirements of a development.  There is already a right of way within the lot.  It runs to the corner of 350 S.  It’s not a good access right now.  Council Member Seiler suggested putting a street that connects to the county road on the general plan.  There should be no UDOT problem.  There will be two entrances to the PUD.  If the town requires them to build the road, he may be willing to do that.  Mr. Larsen just wants to know if this is something the town would feel is possible.


Commission Chairman Seamons said his biggest concern is to see the town move forward and consider more landscaping and usable open space.  This plan will need to fit architecturally. 


Mr. Uriah Smith said he wants to keep the costs down and appearance up.  He would like to use polymer, which is about the same cost as rock, but goes up much quicker.  It has a 20- year warranty.  It weights about 4 lbs. per sq. foot. 


This property is zoned community commercial and the buildings should fit the architectural standards.  They will need to stay under 35’ in height.


Mr. Uriah Smith said it would be an apartment-type complex and wondered if it will be considered a PUD or can he increase the density where it is in the commercial zone?  Commission Member Huefner asked about how many units are per acre?  Mr. Smith said one unit is a structure and showed a footprint of what is proposed.  There would be two units per acre based on the PUD standards.  But he wondered if there could be a special exception to make them denser because it’s for moderate-income housing.


Commission Chairman Seamons said we might need to look into doing a zone change.  It may be more for a residential community.  Mr. Uriah Smith wondered if the buildings could be classified as condos.  Mr. Frank Smith said in the future, he may want to have small houses or townhomes on part of the property.  Mr. Uriah Smith said they’ve been trying to push a plan that will help with housing for employee’s to support the businesses in town.


Most people that come in to rent before buying will be college kids, starter families or single adults    They don’t typically buy a home right up front.  They want to come in and see how things are.


Mr. Frank Smith said because land is getting so expensive now, we need to look at letting developers have a higher density.  Some PUD lots are 5000 sq. ft., which is about 8 structures on an acre.


Commission Chairman Seamons doesn’t think density is the big concern.  You take your density and multiply your common area to make a community.  We need to have so much open space so there is walking space and room for people to move.  It appeals to the community.  If we talk about higher density, we need to consider usage in those spaces so people that live there can live well.


Mr. Frank Smith feels it would fall within the definition of a condo.  Commission Member Huefner thinks it fits multiple family apartments, which would be a Conditional Use Permit.  It doesn’t really fit anything in the ordinance.


It was said that this would be a family community.  No one has done this before, so they tried to decide which type of zone it would go in. 


Commission Chairman Seamons said he would like to see a master plan for all 14 acres.  If there is a portion commercial and a portion residential, and they’re not sure of what else, it won’t work.  The Planning & Zoning want it to be thought through before so we know what to approve.


Commission Chairman Seamons said as it stands now; we would need to change the ordinance before this could be approved.


Mr. Frank Smith said we don’t have moderate-income housing in any zone of our ordinance right now.  That is something we need to change.


The apartments will be three levels.  The lower levels will be split and there will be 12 units in each building.


Mr. Frank Smith wondered if this is something that the Planning & Zoning can accommodate in one way or another.  Mr. Larson needs to know before he can move on.  He wants to make quite a large purchase.


The Planning & Zoning will work on adding multi-family apartments, more than 4, as a Conditional Use Permit for a commercial zone.  Then when this comes in, we can be ready.




Commission Chairman Seamons explained that the Town Council and Planning & Zoning have formulated and put together a community committee to help pull the General Plan together.  He would like to get a motion to approve the formulation of a General Plan committee to support us in reviewing, changing and approving the General Plan.


Commission Member Huefner made the motion to form a General Plan committee that we recommend to the Town Council to help us formulate our General Plan.  Commission Member Smith seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion.




Commission Member Huefner would like our General Plan committee to talk about sidewalks and trails.  The Transportation Plan committee would like to get a plan on sidewalks.  She thinks it’s so important that we have a walkable city.  Pedestrian safety is so important.  But she’s not sure how we proceed towards that.  She does think there should be more sidewalks in the town.


Commission Member Smith said we could require subdivisions to have trails.  It would be good to have the trails connect to each other.  Commission Member Huefner asked if we want to require them to be paved?  Mayor Hansen has suggested having them graveled.  Commission Member Huefner thinks trails should be paved so trees won’t grow there.  Commission Member Bourne said if it’s paved, you could also push a stroller on it. 


Commission Chairman Seamons said if we’re trying to raise the standard, we’ve got to raise the standards and expect more.  Commission Member Bourne agreed that we need to raise the bar.


Commission Member Smith said developers see the vision.  They don’t ultimately pay for the improvements anyway.


Commission Chairman Seamons thinks we have a very unique opportunity to create something here where no one else really has.  If we’re interconnecting the trails, it would be good to advertise it.  It shows that the community has thought this plan out.  It doesn’t ultimately hurt the developer anyway.


Commission Member Smith said part of the open space needs to be usable.  If the subdivision communities have the parks, it takes the pressure off the town to provide so many of them.


Commission Member Huefner said the town paved the roads in Buttercup, but there’s no place to let the kids ride their bikes safely.  She wished Buttercup would have required the town to put in sidewalks or pave a trail for them.


Commission Member Huefner referred to Lochwood PUD.  She wondered where all those people would walk.  There is a trail that goes around the PUD, but where are the people in the middle going to walk?


Commission Chairman Seamons suggested increasing the road width and allowing a place to walk.  It will be more practical to the buyer and will make them easier to sell.


Commission Chairman Seamons said we need to delineate between walking trails and those that are not.  Walking and horse trails are different.




Commission Chairman Seamons said he would like to make the committee process as painless as possible while getting participation from the board.  He thought about breaking groups down further and making them each responsible for individual groups. 


Commission Member Huefner said we need to give the groups specific guidelines.  We are asking the committees to support us with the General Plan and they may not even know what that is. 


Commission Member Smith asked if they weren’t going to fill out questionnaires?   He agrees that we need to make the groups smaller.  We can get their recommendations, but they won’t have the expertise so it may be confusing


Commission Chairman Seamons said he would like each Planning & Zoning member to be over an individual group.  We don’t want to tell them what the answers are.  We need to be the facilitator.  In the end, we will actually have “meat” to devise the General Plan.  We need to determine what it is we want to ask them to do between now and next Wednesday.  He doesn’t want to be the only one to figure it out.


Commission Member Huefner said the committee will come back with a rough draft of raw information and present it to the Planning & Zoning by May 15th.  Commission Chairman Seamons asked where they see the participation.  Commission Member Smith said he likes the smaller groups.


Commission Chairman Seamons said he doesn’t want to give the committee members the answers, they need to find them.


Commission Member Smith said it would be good to get them together after next week’s meeting and meet every couple of weeks afterwards.  It might be good to give copies of the Ivins General Plan and the Town’s General Plan.  We need to come up with some very specific questions and give them guidance.


Commission Chairman Seamons suggested having a small breakout session that night and talk for about 20 minutes.  If we have some questions ready, they could get involved.  He would like to make this meeting short.  We won’t be having the movie.


Commission Chairman Seamons said every two weeks we need to call everyone and gather what information they have.  We need to be the facilitators for the group.


Commission Chairman Seamons said we’ll meet for a mandatory meeting on Monday at the Bear Lake Motor Lodge to go over any questions and discuss each member’s specific responsibilities.


Commission Chairman Seamons will meet with the mayor to discuss meeting with the committee at a dinner on March 15th.




Commission Member Smith said the road of 150 S. and the road past Huefner’s isn’t on the city map.


Commission Member Huefner made the motion to accept the city map with new road designations for 300 W., with the condition that our engineer also add a westward extension of 150 S. and a roadway bordering the Paul Nance and Huefner properties, on the south side of those properties.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Commission Member Huefner asked if it would be wise for the town to consider someone to help the clerks and hoping they will handle it.  She wondered about hiring someone to take care of minutes and be an errand person for the Planning & Zoning and Town Council and a go between.  Commission Chairman Seamons said they should know if they want the help or not, they should be able to ask. 


Commission Member Huefner would like to recommend to the Town Council that we evaluate the secretarial pool and see if there is a need for another person to help support, based on the input from the clerks about what can be done to support them to take the pressure off of them.  Also check into a pay raise.


Commission Chairman Seamons thinks the town has got to pull the commercial landowners together and put their heads together.  Residential is one level and Commercial is another level.  We need a way to support the residential through the commercial.  Residences cost people money.


Commission Member Smith said we should be pro-business with people creating jobs.


Commission Chairman Seamons said it’s very difficult to justify the cost of land, building and starting a business for only 4 months a year.  So far, it doesn’t make any sense.


Commission Chairman Seamons said we need to get business owners to see the big picture in this.  How are we going to support those businesses now?  It may take creative thinking.


Commission Member Smith said we get plenty of people in the summer, but we need to cater to the other seasons.  We could have conventions here with shops and restaurants open longer.  The weekends could be better in the wintertime.  They still may not need to stay open 24/7.  He would like them to consider this in their committees




Commission Member Bourne made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.  Commission Member Huefner seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.



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Jared Seamons, Chairman                                 Assistant Clerk