Meeting Minutes May 2005






The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held a Public Hearing on Wednesday, June 1, 2005. Vice Chairman Hodges opened the meeting at 6:40 p.m.


Those Present:


Nate Parry

Lance Bourne

Cindy McFarlane

Mel Maynes

Lana Hodges

Troy Petersen


Excused: Brian House, Chairman


Others Present:


Sharlene Millard

Kathy Hislop

Randy Erickson

Jay Christopherson

Brian Lyon

Marie Hales

Dwight Cook

Vandy Stevens

Corey Doolin

Mike Leonhardt




Plans of the Planned Unit Development, Lockwood at Bear Lake Marina, were explained to the audience.


Commission Member Hodges read letters from adjacent property owners.


Mr. Dwight Cook expressed his concerns of the PUD using Raspberry Patch Rd. as an access. He said seeing how Dennis Bullock took care of Harbor Village, he’s concerned about him starting a new project.


Marie Hales said a lot of people cross through her yard to get to the lake. Having many more people will make living there a nightmare. She also wondered about UDOT granting access to the new PUD. The Planning & Zoning said it will be addressed at their regular meeting.


Commission Member Maynes said we’re at a crossroads now. We would all like to have our peace and quiet. Unfortunately, that’s unrealistic. This may be another city out of control. He believes the Planning & Zoning Commission do their best to keep things in control. He said the real issues here are ingress/egress, traffic and impact studies, and probably having an interchange there. There are some real challenges here and we need to be open minded. He’s also concerned about Mr. Bullock’s ability to create and end a project.


Commission Member Maynes made the motion to close the Public Hearing at 6:50 p.m. Commission Member Parry seconded the motion. All in favor and the motion carried.




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The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd. Vice Chairman Hodges opened the meeting at 6:50 p.m.


Those Present:


Nate Parry

Lance Bourne

Cindy McFarlane

Mel Maynes

Lana Hodges

Troy Petersen


Excused: Brian House, Chairman


Others Present:


Sharlene Millard

Kathy Hislop

Randy Erickson

Jay Christopherson

Brian Lyon

Marie Hales

Dwight Cook

Vandy Stevens

Corey Doolin

Mike Leonhardt




Mr. Christopherson explained that they have talked with UDOT and had a traffic study done. They have also made an application with UDOT showing plans with a left turn lane from the highway into the development. They were only a few cars away from needing a left turn lane, but feel it will be necessary soon, so they feel it needs to be put in. They also think there should be a center lane for left turn lanes all the way down 3rd West.


Mr. Christopherson said they are waiting to hear from UDOT about their construction plans. They feel positive, but it takes time.


UDOT has 45 days from date of application to make a decision, but it’s been more like 2 months.


Commission Vice Chairman Hodges had them look at #6- Traffic Impact Study, on a letter from Council Member Wride, who has been working with them on the road. They said it’s been done.


Mr. Christopherson read the conclusion statement from their Traffic Impact Study. UDOT didn’t think a right hand lane was warranted.


Commission Member Bourne said he talked with the Rich County Commissioners. They’re following the guidelines from Logan. They would like the dumpsters to be on a site. The site should be enclosed on three sides. They suggested having the opening on the west. It seems to hold the garbage better. The site should also be large enough for dump trucks to get around it. The county would use one small dumpster for every 6 lots. The county won’t do individual pick ups in that area because it’s a private road.


Mr. Christopherson said that’s based on full-time occupancy. Most of the PUD’s occupancy will be seasonal.


Commission Member Bourne said most of the people come up on weekends and leave all their trash on the side of the road. We need to manage it. Worldmark was given the best dumpsters in Garden City. They’re well managed. It should be a guideline to follow


The Planning & Zoning thought having 3 dumpsters for 20 sites would be reasonable. They recommended having 6 dumpsters in one spot. But if Mr. Christopherson wants to do different sites with 3 or so dumpsters in each, that would be all right. The sites just need to be accessible to the dump trucks.


Commission Member Maynes explained the problem with the dumpsters being left on the Boulevard throughout the whole week. Animals get into them and it leaves a mess.


Commission Member Bourne questioned where the pool and clubhouse will be. He said it wasn’t drawn in on the plans for the final. Mr. Lyons said that was a mistake. It should be on there and it will be in Phase I.


Mr. Christopherson explained how he envisions the development. He would like to build the entry way first and add a gate. The gate will always be closed. Lot #1 and #2 will be model homes. There will be an outdoor pool. To put in an exhaust system in an indoor pool would be about as expensive as the cost of the pool.


Commission Member Bourne reminded Mr. Christopherson that everything in Phase I has to be totally completed before Phase II can be started. Mr. Christopherson said if the sales are moving well, he anticipates that Phase II will be submitted. He would like to build in the order that he sells. Lot #1, #2, etc.


Commission Member Bourne said the pool, clubhouse, roads, power, landscaping, etc. need to be in before he can go to Phase II.


Mr. Christopherson talked about his other project, Cobblestones. He said he has found people are skeptical. So they decided to build the lodge up front. It will be built before Phase II.


Mr. Dwight Cook talked about Harbor Village and what Mr. Bullock has promised to do and it never happened. Mr. Christopherson said that is why Mr. Bullock came to him to help with this project.


Marie Hales said Cobblestone’s doesn’t leave a lot of parking for visitors. Mr. Christopherson said we can plan on less lots to have more room for parking. He said he’s got common space and would like to move it up. The only negatives he’s heard about condos, is being able to hear through the walls, etc. People prefer to have their own place. Marie Hales said that’s why you need a lot of parking.


Commission Vice Chairman Hodges said the Planning & Zoning is allowing for additional parking. There will be a double car garage and two in the front of that.


The Town will not be responsible for snow plowing inside the PUD.


There are 22 acres of land for this PUD.


Commission Member Bourne said 10% of the development has to be open space and 50% of that needs to be usable space. He wondered if they have that much. He also said we need to know what the intent of the open space is. Will there be playground equipment?


Mr. Christopherson said his intent is to just keep the grass green. He plans to have the open space in Phase II or III.


Mr. Christopherson said his plans are to sell the lot, build the house and maintain it. He’s not interested in just selling lots. He wants to create a place people want to come to. When someone buys a house from him, it will be his design. He will control everything down to the blinds, etc. He’s interested in making it a nice place that people want to come to. He would like people to say they have a place in Lockwood and others will think of a nice quality place. He wants to establish quality and control. The lots won’t be sold and left a lot, there will be a nice home on it.


He is concerned with getting commercial that will work with the seasons here.


Commission Member Maynes asked how much Dennis Bullock will be involved. Mr. Christopherson said Mr. Bullock wants to be on the lot end of the selling. Mr. Christopherson will be selling the units.


Commission Member Maynes said his observation is that the condos are pretty poor. Homes are really nice. The Planning & Zoning need to be concerned about how many PUDs are coming into town.


Commission Member Hodges said the lots will be as large as in a single family zone.


The houses in Lockwood will sell for about $250,000 to $300,000.


Building Inspector Erickson asked about the backyards of the lots being used for open space. He suggested not including it that way. If the lot owner decides to put a shed in the back, it won’t work if it’s public open space.


Mr. Christopherson said the CC&Rs stipulate no sheds.


Building Inspector Erickson said as soon as the CC&Rs get changed for their lots, the open space is lost. He suggested not counting that area as open space.


Mr. Christopherson said it’s not common area. It’s limited open area. He said when you have 60 homes, you have 60 policemen. They all come in on the same basis. They watch their neighbors.


Commission Member Bourne said if it’s open space, it can’t be part of the lots. Mr. Christopherson said it’s not. Commission Member Bourne said there needs to be 10% common area. Mr. Christopherson said it will be on the plats when they come back.


Mr. Christopherson said he has met with the canal company. They need an easement 33' from either direction of the canal. It needs to be recorded so they can’t run a fence up to the canal. Mr. Christopherson also doesn’t want that to happen.


Town Clerk Kathy Hislop said the plat needs to show the easement from the canal as open space.


Commission Vice Chairman Hodges asked if the maintenance of the lawns will be taken care of by the association. Mr. Christopherson said there’s a small area in the back that the homeowner can take care of. Everything that can be seen in the front, will be taken care of by the association.


Town Clerk Kathy Hislop said not all of the area is annexed into the sewer district. They will need to go through the Bear Lake Special Service District for annexing.


Commission Vice Chairman Hodges said it will take a month or so to get that done. They will need a Public Hearing for the Commission Meeting to annex in. Town Clerk Kathy Hislop doesn’t think it can be done in a month.


Commission Member Maynes said he thinks the most demanding question is with 300 West. It’s not yet connected to Hwy 89. If it doesn’t yet exist, there isn’t access from 300 W. He’s wondering what to do because Lockwood won’t have two points of ingress/egress.


Mr. Christopherson thought he could use the road into Harbor Village. But he’s seen the dedication and is wondering about a temporary access. It will only be an emergency exit. It will be gated off.


Council Member Leonhardt said 300 West will go through and will be going in shortly. It just won’t connect onto Hwy 89 until some issues are worked out.


Commission Member Bourne said 300 West isn’t a good access right now. Not until we have two exits and entrances. Council Member Leonhardt said it’s not an “if,” it will be there.


Commission Member McFarlane said Mr. Christopherson can’t use Raspberry Patch because of the dedication. He’ll need to find another access.


Mr. Christopherson said he would like to get approval so they can start building a model home.


Commission Member Maynes said he has a problem with that.


Commission Member Parry said he feels they need to push the approval through UDOT first.


Mr. Christopherson said they can’t start building without UDOT’s permission so they will know where the road can be. He can’t out-guess the state.


Commission Vice Chairman Hodges would like Mr. Christopherson to address the issues in Council Member Wride’s letter.


Mr. Christopherson said the roads inside Lockwood will be 40' wide. 30' wide asphalt with 5' easements on each side.


Town Clerk Kathy Hislop told Mr. Christopherson that he may want to check with the County Recorder about naming the roads. If a road goes east and west, then north and south, it can’t have the same name.


Commission Member Bourne questioned the definition of the entrance coming off the highway. He thought it should be a larger road. He read that there should be a minimum of 56' coming onto the highway. Mr. Christopherson said 56' is too wide.


Commission Vice Chairman Hodges said that road should be as wide as the streets inside the development.


Commission Member Maynes said that everyone that comes here has something connected to the back of their vehicle. The entrance will have a lot of use in the summer with people and friends.


The Planning & Zoning felt like the definition would be a minor entrance.


Commission Member Maynes feels it will be good to work with the town and get the bike path and ATV trails in.


Mr. Lyons said the letters can be addressed. They’re not very large. He’s wondering about waiting for UDOT’s approval and missing our meeting dates. It may take awhile.


Commission Member McFarlane questioned the letter of credit. Mr. Lyons said Mr. Bullock has talked with the Cache Valley Bank. The letter of credit will be done with the plat. It will be for improvements.


Commission Member Hodges said we need a projection of costs for power, water, sewer, and roads to show costs for letter of credit. The plat needs to be reviewed by our engineer.


The letter of credit needs to show 150% of everything, amenities included.


The town just wants what is promised to be developed.


Mr. Lyons asked if they bring a letter of credit and the road approval, could they start building? Commission Member Maynes said a lot still needs to be addressed. He would like to see the density go down. Mr. Christopherson said they’ve gone down to 90 lots. Mr. Lyons said it’s better to have less lots and nice units.


Commission Member Maynes said we’ve come a long way. He’s concerned with the interchange with 300 West and the Boulevard. He would like them to meet with Council Member Wride to work with road and path issues. The rest is plotting it and making it work.


The homes will be heated with propane. The large tanks will service several homes. Each home will have its own utility bill. The propane tanks will be buried. The buried tanks and power needs to be shown on the plats. Also power lines. Mr. Lyons showed where the fire hydrants are.


They will have to submit the plan to the power company which will design how the power will go in.


The water supply should be sufficient to handle the PUD. It will have a bulk meter for water with 8" lines.


Commission Member Parry said he’s excited about this. Although, he doesn’t think it should be approved until everything is here and ready.


Commission Member Petersen said he’s concerned with the Raspberry Patch road.


Dennis Bullock owns all of the ground.


Commission Member Maynes said this is a PUD, not a subdivision. There will be a limited number of plans. Mr. Christopherson said there will be 4 to 5 different plans to choose from with options of the outside look. They may have a loft in the pitch of the roof, no double stories.

He wants to keep the European and alpine look.


Commission Member McFarlane said the Mayor’s approval box has Providence on it. That will need to be changed.


The following needs to be addressed on the plat: Label open space, not common area, 10% open space, start annexation process into the sewer district, clubhouse and pool on plat, widen road in front of the clubhouse, rename roads east/west and north/south, letter of credit for 150% including amenities - get bids to show costs, show propane location, size of meter, change Providence in Mayor’s box, dumpsters addressed, UDOT approval, work with Council Member Wride for ATV and bike path, fire hydrants in ledger, complete civil drawings, and address all of Council Member Wride’s concerns from her letter. All amenities need to be finished before Phase II.


Commission Member Maynes made the motion that we extend the plat approval to give the gentlemen time to address the items here tonight. The City clerks will prepare it for them. The approval will be extended to the next time they’re back and we have comments from the engineer.


Mr. Christopherson said we’re dealing with seasonal issues. He would really like to get started.


The engineer and attorney still need to look at the plats. Council Member Wride will be the liaison between Planning & Zoning and Lockwood because of her issues.


Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion. All in favor and the motion carried.


Mr. Christopherson would like to know the engineers comments as soon as we get them.


This will come back to the Planning & Zoning and then to Town Council.




The minutes of May 4, 2005 were presented. Corrections were made. Commission Member Parry made the motion to accept the minutes with corrections made. Commission Member McFarlane seconded it. All in favor and the motion carried.





Building Inspector Randy Erickson talked about new signs being put up that are illegal. There’s no way to enforce it. Mayor Hansen said to write a letter, give them 10 days, and if they’re not down, they lose their business license.


Merlin’s still has a monument sign, but haven’t been to the Planning & Zoning for approval yet.




Commission Member McFarlane made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m.





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