Meeting Minutes 2007






The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held a Public Hearing on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Chairman Jennifer Huefner opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.


Commission Members Present:


           Jennifer Huefner, Chairman

           Pat Argyle

           Frank Smith

           Lance Bourne

           DJ Ballingham


Others Present:


           Sharlene Millard                                          Eugene & Brandon Cook

           Anita Weston                                              Dave Jensen

           Krista Klein                                                Bess Huefner

           Casey Smith                                              

           Kathy & Paul Webb




Commission Chairman Huefner asked if there were any questions about Ordinance

#07-21, a Motor Vehicle Access Ordinance. 


There were no comments from the audience.


Commission Chairman Huefner asked Bess Huefner if she could explain the ordinance.  Mrs. Huefner explained inside turns on an access road.  It was originally intended for a driveway, but has been changed to say access road.


There was discussion about having 40’ from the corner to the access and wondered if it would work within subdivisions.  It may depend on the lot sizes and where the driveways are. 




Bess Huefner asked if he is going to rent out the space above the garage.  Commission Member Huefner said no, he’s just re-building the garage.


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Mr. Brower needs a Conditional Use Permit to do this because he’ll be having two homes on one lot.  Commission Chairman Huefner said it would be cluster dwellings.  It will be on an acre and will meet all the setbacks. 


Commission Member Ballingham questioned if they need a Conditional Use Permit if there are no water or sewer connections.  If someone were to store tools above the garage, he wouldn’t need a Conditional Use Permit.  Commission Chairman Huefner said the ordinance says for more than one living space he needs a Conditional Use Permit. 


Commission Member Ballingham asked if it’s for a long-term residence or just for someone to come and stay once in a while or to rent out.  Commission Chairman Huefner said we’ll ask him when he comes.


Commission Member Argyle wondered if the previous owner, Warnell Van Otten, already had water and sewer connections paid for.


It was stated that if the utilities are already there, the Brower’s wouldn’t need to pay for new connections.  Commission Member Ballingham wondered if you need to move the house and even though there are connections but they need to be moved, if you need to pay for a new connection.  Commission Chairman Huefner said the Town Council would have to decide on that.


Commission Member Argyle said if a house burns down, she doesn’t think it’s right to charge a new connection fee to be able to connect again.  Eugene Cook said the fee should be pro-rated.  Commission Member Bourne said you would need to apply for a new Building Permit and that’s where the new impact fees apply.  But that’s what the Town Council will have to decide.


There were no other comments.


Commission Chairman Huefner adjourned the meeting at 6:50 p.m.





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Jennifer Huefner, Chairman                                    Assistant Clerk





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The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at the Garden City Office Building located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Commission Chairman Huefner opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Commission Members Present:


           Jennifer Huefner, Chairman

           Pat Argyle

           Frank Smith

           Lance Bourne

           DJ Ballingham


Others Present:


           Sharlene Millard                                          Eugene & Brandon Cook

           Anita Weston                                              Dave Jensen

           Krista Klein                                                Bess Huefner

           Casey Smith                                               Bobbie Coray

           Kathy & Paul Webb                                    Ken Hansen

           Ann & Gabreel Lleras




The minutes of the Public Hearing of September 5, 2007 were presented.  Commission Member Smith made the motion to accept as drafted.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


The minutes of the regular meeting of September 5, 2007 were presented.  Commission Member Smith made the motion to accept with corrections.  Commission Member Ballingham seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


The minutes of the special meeting of September 19, 2007 were presented.  Commission Member Ballingham made the motion to accept the minutes as they are drafted.  Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Mr. Brower said he has an existing building that he would like to tear down at 368 N. Bear Lake Blvd.  They would like to move the building to the back corner with a garage


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underneath.  It’s a 26 x 33 dwelling.  They would like to use it as a guest home.  They will re-build a house on the front of the lot.  They will meet all the setbacks and have searched the ordinances and feel they meet them.  The purpose of this is to have a guesthouse/accessory building in addition to the main residence. 


There is about an acre of property.  Mr. and Mrs. Brower understand the height restriction is 25’. 


Mrs. Brower asked if a guesthouse is an accessory building.  Commission Chairman Huefner said she feels that’s how it is in our ordinances.  Mrs. Brower said an accessory building can have a 1’ setback.  Commission Chairman said if you’re having utilities run to the building, you need to look at it as another home.


Commission Member Ballingham said with the older home, when it’s moved and put on top of the garage, it will need to be brought up to current code. 


Commission Member Ballingham made the motion to accept the Conditional Use Permit for the Brower’s as has been outlined.  Commission Member Argyle seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried. 


ORDINANCE #07-21,  Motor Vehicle Access


Commission Member Ballingham feels if there were subdivisions with blocks this ordinance would be very easy to follow.  If we were looking at PUD’s and smaller subdivisions, it would almost be impossible to meet some of these setbacks.  Rather than having each individual coming in for variances, he would rather look at it as either this doesn’t apply with PUD’s or there should be a special set of rules for PUD’s within the PUD ordinance.  That would supersede these guidelines.  He thinks the idea is fantastic. 

He said having two accesses within 12’ wouldn’t work.  You can’t make it have 50% of the frontage.


Commission Member Argyle said we’re going to be seeing a lot more PUD’s.


Commission Member Smith said traffic inside a PUD is not quite the issue as on a town street.


Commission Member Ballingham said he can see PUD’s sharing driveways.  That way there would be one access.  You’re using the space better and have more room for grass, etc. that would add to the beauty of PUD’s.


There are concerns with items #C and E.


Commission Member Bourne said because a PUD has it’s own set of rules and regulations, and a subdivision has it’s own.  You could implement this on a regular subdivision, but not a PUD.

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Commission Member Ballingham had a question about the pipe rail.  It would be good if it’s nice and well built, but he’s seen a lot of pipe rails and after a few years, they look terrible.  He doesn’t think that’s something we would want to promote.  He suggested having an additional definition for that.  Is that what we want?  How high would we want it?  He feels it needs to be conforming around town. 


Commission Member Ballingham said the fence is the most practical aspect of this ordinance.  A pipe rail vs. curb on a hill doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Commission Chairman Huefner said she thought the town was against curb and gutter.


Commission Member Bourne doesn’t see any reason to have #F in the ordinance.  Commission Chairman Huefner said the intent of this is to help the town’s right of ways not be encroached upon. This would help to show where the property owners land starts and ends.


Commission Member Ballingham said this should be location specific.  On the flat land we should require a sidewalk.  It just beautifies our town in addition to the bike path.  Up on a hill, he can’t imagine trying to put a sidewalk up there.  It’s unreasonable.  But it’s hard to determine who would get a sidewalk and who wouldn’t. 


Commission Member Argyle agrees that those on the hill, such as Bridgerland, wouldn’t want or need a sidewalk. 


Commission Member Smith said PUD’s have smaller lots and the density is higher.  He thinks it would be good to have sidewalks in a PUD. 


Commission Member Argyle thinks having curb and gutter in the commercial area would be great. 


Commission Chairman Huefner thinks #B is very important to have.  She talked about Darin Pugmire’s subdivision.  It looks like they’re going to connect to 100 W., only a few feet from the intersection of Highway 89.   It’s not a good idea.  We can’t have large trucks with trailers trying to get in there.  Commission Member Ballingham agreed.  There was discussion why the road was even there within that subdivision.  They wondered if they could ask them to move the access road farther away from the intersection.   


Commission Chairman Huefner wondered if we could recommend to the Town Council that they adopt this ordinance without #C, D and F.  We really need to keep #B for a safety standpoint.


Commission Member Ballingham made the motion that we adopt Ordinance #07-21 as it is written minus #C, D and F. and that they will be visited at a later date for possible change and reconsideration.  Commission Member Argyle seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.

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Mr. Cook said they would like to find out the hoops they would need to go through to put two manufactured homes in the southwest corner of their acre at Hometown Drive-In.  He wondered if they would be required to put them on foundations or can they put them on a slab.  He also wondered about the impact fees and water and sewer connections. 


Commission Member Bourne asked if he’d meet all the setbacks.  Mr. Cook said yes, but where the land is zoned commercial, the setbacks are minimal.


Commission Member Ballingham explained that if it’s housing, it would go back to the Single Family Residential ordinance.


Mr. Cook asked about the foundations.  Commission Member Argyle wondered if he could even put houses on that type of property.  Commission Chairman Huefner said within the zones, a group dwelling is one that would be the least close fit.  A boarding/rooming house would be a Conditional Use Permit under the Residential Multi Family zone.  There’s also a dwelling for proprietors and employees of use.  She feels that would work the best, but it’s only allowed in the Agricultural zone.  She said she and her husband have also been looking into this type of thing for their business.  She would like to recommend that we allow this as a Conditional Use within some of the other zones to help the employees.  There is a need for this here in town.  This may help with affordable housing and allow employers to provide it for them.


Commission Member Ballingham said it’s a good idea.  There would be certain standards that would have to be met.  In meeting those standards, he feels they would have to be on foundations and be a permanent type of housing.  He thinks it would be good in the commercial zone, but questioned it in the residential zone.


Commission Member Argyle wondered what would happen if their business goes out of business then what happens to the vacant buildings?  Mr. Cook said it would be part of the business and be sold with it.


Commission Member Argyle said people are trying to keep a professional business going and having teenagers there in these places at night are a concern.  They will want to party at nights.  She wondered how that would work.  Mr. Cook said he doesn’t know how he could answer that.  They wouldn’t do it very long.


Commission Chairman Huefner said that could be a condition within the Conditional Use Permit.  Those concerns could be addressed.


Commission Member Ballingham talked about the Architectural Standards that the town requires for commercial buildings.  Those buildings would have to meet those standards.

Mr. Cook feels if they’re to be considered as a residence they won’t need to follow a


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commercial standard.  If his business was to burn down, and they re-built, then they would have to follow the current standards.  Commission Member Ballingham said it’s still within a commercial zone and new buildings follow those standards.  Commission Chairman Huefner said she wondered about having a different level of standards for that type of situation.


Commission Member Argyle asked if he has two homes behind his business, could he provide adequate parking for each home?  Mr. Cook said he has an acre.


Commission Member Ballingham said he would prefer not to have the homes up on blocks.  Mr. Cook said it would be skirted and won’t be ugly.  It won’t be skirted with lattice.  Commission Member Smith talked about using a stone-look type of material for the skirting.  They expect to have 2-4 bedroom homes to house about 8 employees.  He’s planning on having 4 men and 4 women employees.  He doesn’t want to mix them.  There may only be 2-3 vehicles.  The employees will be international. 


Commission Member Bourne would like to see fencing between the residential and commercial.  Mr. Cook said he could do that.


Commission Chairman Huefner said essentially, there is nothing in the ordinance for this type of situation.  Before any permission can be granted, we’ll need to get an ordinance together and have the Town Council adopt it.  Mr. Cook said he would need it in January.  Commission Member Smith said others are looking at this also and are using Park Models to house their employees.


Commission Member Ballingham thinks it would be a good idea to talk with the Town Council.  They may have a different outlook on it. 


Commission Member Bourne told Mr. Cook to bring a plot plan showing what they would like to do.


Mr. Cook said he would also like to talk about sewer and water.  He wondered about using the present sewer and water hook-ups.  Commission Chairman Huefner said he’ll need to talk with the water and sewer people about that.


Commission Member Bourne said if he has a privacy fence, adequate parking and he gets a Conditional Use, he doesn’t have a problem with it.




Mr. Jensen said he is an employee of the owner who wants to change this subdivision.  In 1917, Gus Rich created the Dunham Subdivision at Gus Rich Point.  Inside the subdivision, there is currently 3 landowners, Milt Jensen, Dave and Steve Jones and Ellouise Sims.  Dell Loy Hansen purchased some of the property.  They would like to vacate this current subdivision.  The way it uses the land is not how they want to use it. 

-Page 5-

He’s gone through the ordinances and he understands that he needs to get the current landowners to sign that it would be okay to vacate the subdivision.  They would need to find the metes and bounds and survey the properties.  Then they would create a new subdivision plat in the place of the one they want to get away from.  This subdivision does not have a HOA.


This subdivision will involve 4 landowners.  He showed a plan of what they would like to do.  They would like to give the current landowners what land they are using. 


Mr. Jensen wondered if they need to do anything else.


Commission Member Smith said the main issues are having those landowners on board and make sure they’re willing to do this.


Mr. Jensen said they would be responsible for the new survey.


Commission Member Smith would like to make sure the Planning & Zoning sees a copy of the subdivision when it’s done.


Commission Chairman Huefner said it seems like a good thing to do.




No one from Imperial Homes showed up for the meeting.




Moratorium Letter Discussion

Commission Member Smith said there is a petition going around about the moratorium.  There is probably a couple hundred signatures on it.  He feels that the way the Town Council passed the moratorium was done legally, but as you look at the usual protocols, the Planning & Zoning usually writes the land use ordinances and presents them to the Town Council for approval.  Because this was done differently, he has some issues with it. 


Commission Chairman Huefner said for a temporary moratorium, they don’t have to have a Public Hearing.  But they did have a Public Hearing.


Commission Member Smith said he looked at the agenda and feels it was masked.  He personally feels it was done wrong.  He thinks this has hurt the contractors and laborers.

If people miss the opportunity to build during the winter, they basically have to wait for another year.  He wondered why Council Member Seiler waited until the week she leaves to propose the moratorium.  He is offended by it.



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Commission Member Smith said everyone tells us our ordinances are so bad.  He doesn’t feel they’re that bad.  He thinks we’ve taken positive steps to hire someone to help with that.  He feels we’re working in the right direction.


Commission Chairman Huefner said she invited Mayor Hansen to the meeting to explain what has happened during the moratorium.  She invited him to come up and talk.


Mayor Hansen said everyone has been making too big of a thing about the moratorium.  We have a situation with nightly rentals that is escalating to the point that it may cause a liability to the town.  For example:  A home in Buttercup may have 25 cars around it.  Is it being over-occupied?  A person who owns a hotel in town pays the associated taxes.  They make all the preparations in a commercial way i.e. handicap requirements, sprinklers, or they need to meet the code for parking, occupancy, etc., and they do that and they’re competed against by people who rent out buildings.


There is a health and safety issue and also the quietness of a neighborhood, that needs to be addressed.  We want people to have a good time when they come here, but people don’t always act as they normally would when they’re on vacation.  We have to be careful with this and not lessen the quality of our community.


There are two parts of this moratorium; nightly rentals and subdivisions.  Mayor Hansen said it’s his intention to have the part of the moratorium that deals with nightly rentals lifted by next month.  He feels it’s an issue that can’t be done as a group, because there are too many legal aspects that need to be addressed.  We may have to go to court sometime, especially when we make this retroactive to all rentals.


Commission Member Bourne said the people who are renting illegally should be stopped.


Mayor Hansen said there would be some pretty stiff penalties for those who don’t comply.  He feels it will be self-policing because the people that do comply will be watching for those who don’t comply. He said we’d deal with it on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complaints we receive.


Mayor Hansen said those who rent would need a business license.  If you are renting your own house, you will be the one who needs to get a business license.  If you were going through an agency, then they would get the business license.  So there will be a responsible agency.  He said he will approach the town attorney who will write the nightly rental ordinance.  He will be able to use other towns’ ordinances.  If a subdivision doesn’t allow nightly rentals, they are exempt from the moratorium.


Commission Member Argyle asked if people will be able to come before the Planning & Zoning to change the zone so they can be getting ready to build in the spring.  Mayor Hansen said he wouldn’t suggest that because the ordinance will be changing and things may be done differently.


-Page 7-

Mayor Hansen said he’s already gotten a sample ordinance for the subdivision ordinance and it looks pretty good.  The moratorium for the subdivision may be lifted before March.


Commission Member Ballingham said hotels also have to have insurance.  He asked if the nightly rentals should also have insurance.  Mayor Hansen wasn’t sure, but said he’s been in the rental business long enough that he wouldn’t want to rent without it.


Commission Member Bourne said the CC&R’s of Bridgerland do not allow short or long-term rentals.


Commission Member Ballingham said the ordinances are pretty good, but he’s frustrated that the town can bark a lot and yell a lot, but we don’t have any teeth to really follow through with penalties.  He suggested having a fine of $1,500 a night of illegal rentals and putting a lien on their home and condemning it.  That way no one can stay in that home until it’s paid.  He feels there needs to be some enforceability.


Mayor Hansen said we lean on the Sheriff’s Dept. to help out with that.  They have told us that our ordinances need to be enforceable.  So that’s another reason we’re doing this.  The County Attorney has already told us that he won’t prosecute any of our cases.  So we are willing to bring the Town Attorney here to take care of that. 


Mayor Hansen would like to get any of their suggestions to put in the ordinance.


Mayor Hansen said our ordinances are not as bad as everyone is making them out to be.  Our ordinances are almost word for word the same as North Logan’s ordinances.  He does feel there are some items within the subdivision section those needs to be changed i.e. subdivisions of less than 4 lots need to be changed.


We’ve had Brian Carver, the Town Attorney, and Rick Fawcett all look at our General Plan and they don’t see what the problem is with our general plan.  It looked good to them.  It’s meant to be a general statement of the history of our town, what the conditions are now and where we want it to be and the plan of how to get there.  There is no timeframe that says we’ve got to change it every year.  You change it when you feel you need to.


He said it’s not a bad plan, but he does think it could be better.  Things are changing now and we have transportation needs now that were foreseen.  We didn’t really push the issue because we weren’t to that point yet.


Right now we’re really focusing on the land use ordinances.  Rick Fawcett said he had the impression that we thought he was going to go in and write the survey for us.  He’s not going to do that.  He doesn’t know what we want in our town.  Jared Seamons was under the impression that Mr. Fawcett was going to do the survey for us.



                                                            -Page 8-

Mayor Hansen would like the Planning & Zoning to continue with gathering up the information for the General Plan.  We essentially write the General Plan first and then write the ordinances to support it.


Commission Member Argyle asked why the General Plan wasn’t being worked on all the time instead of having this moratorium?  Mayor Hansen said we’ve been working on them for over a year and nothing has happened.  We’ve had a special meeting every month for years.  But not very many come.


Commission Chairman Huefner said we just need to get this done and get the moratorium lifted.


Mayor Hansen said a lot of people are complaining about this not getting done, but then he asks why they don’t come and help.  So a few more people are starting to help.


Commission Member Ballingham said one of the most crucial things is that the members of the community feel the weekenders are pushing them out.  He wondered how the affordable housing issue would be addressed.  Mayor Hansen said the day use people who come here are more of an impact than anyone who lives here.  We can’t control them.  The only thing we could do is to collect a fee to get to the beach, which will stop when the water comes back up.  As far as affordable housing, with the land being so expensive, he doesn’t know how it will work.


Mayor Hansen said the school board would be the ones to look at land for a new school.  He has talked with a school representative who said they have talked about it.  The fire district implements their own fees.


Mayor Hansen said determining impact fees, is based on the need and the plan.  You can’t charge more than is justified.


Commission Member Ballingham said we need to attract service people, i.e. people to work on an ambulance or within the fire district, but they can’t make it on $30,000/year.


Mayor Hansen talked about the low-income housing development that was previously approved.  They made application with the state today.  It would be a rental situation.  After an amount of time, you can show that you’re financially stable.  The developers would get tax credits to build the low-income housing.


Commission Member Ballingham wondered why we couldn’t tell developers to make part of their subdivisions into affordable housing.  Mayor Hansen wondered why you would make someone do that?  Commission Member Ballingham said we need people to help with the infrastructure.  As the town grows, people who want to come and retire and not be involved are diluting the people who are willing to serve and be part of the community.  He said 75% of the people needing the ambulance during the summer


-Page 9-

are from Garden City.  He thinks we could hire a paramedic, and two EMT’s and help them buy a home and they would be a part of the community. Then you’ve brought 4-5 families into the area who are contributing and you’ve created a revenue builder to the town.


Mayor Hansen said the EMT’s, Fire District, etc., need to be a part of the town.  There are those who will say we can’t do that because of Sweetwater Hill, etc.  But he thinks we know the situation pretty well.  Rick Fawcett is big on using incentives with developers. 


Commission Chairman Huefner asked about using development agreements.  She feels it could be a great tool for the developer and the town.  You each negotiate and the developer gets locked into the agreement.  She wondered if that option is included in the ordinance?  Mayor Hansen thought it was.


Commission Chairman Huefner asked how you can keep affordable housing as affordable housing when it’s sold.  Mayor Hansen said it depends if it’s rented or being sold.  Rick Fawcett has some good ideas on that.  There is no incentive for them to sell it.


Mayor Hansen said we need to work with Laketown, Randolph and Woodruff, even Fish Haven, and let them know what’s going in Garden City.  There may be some thing that could help us and still benefit them.  Then we could start working on bike paths and trails.  When we originally put in the bike path, we hoped it would eventually go around the lake. 


There was discussion about the speed limit through town. 


Mayor Hansen said he was against the moratorium but since nothing had been done for over a year, he didn’t know if it would get done without it.


Paul Webb said we’re punishing the wrong people.  We’re punishing the contractor’s and developers for something the town didn’t get done. 


Commission Member Smith said he has been working with someone for over a year on Affordable Housing who was going to come buy land.  Then the moratorium hit.  Now he won’t be coming for a year.


Commission Member Smith wondered if we could have new developer’s pay $5,000/lot to help with the new road.  Developers are so anxious to do their project; they’ll do almost anything, even donating part of their project for affordable housing.  We need to act more as a business.


Commission Member Smith said he feels the moratorium was snuck through.  He wondered how it happened if all the council members were opposed to it.  He wondered if the years of bad press are worth this.


-Page 10-

Commission Member Bourne said everyone in this room has an opinion and they each have a different occupation.  He moved here in 1999 from the Wasatch Front.  He wanted to get away from the crowds and look at what is happening to our community.  It’s out of control.  If we need to stop and take a fresh breath and slow down to make a better community in the future, he’s all for it.  We need to get some things done.  This community was out of control this summer.  We need to get a handle on what’s happening and come through with a better plan.  He said he’s in support of the moratorium. 


Commission Member Bourne said this town is so crowded you can’t even put your own boat out on the lake in the summer.  He’s willing to work the extra time and work this out, but we’re headed for disaster if we don’t get control of this.  He would still like to have a nice place to live in 5 years.


Mayor Hansen said we try to do something good like 3rd West, and everyone agrees that it would be a great thing to have; then there are still people who will oppose us getting it done.  It’s very frustrating.


Commission Member Ballingham said the moratorium is now in place.  If we take it off now it sends a different message that the Town of Garden City will say something and then back off of their word.  A few months ago, we had someone come in and they were very disrespectful to us as a board.  As we allow people to be disrespectful towards us, it sends a message. 


Paul Webb said he’s heard from many people that can’t believe the Planning & Zoning and Town Council only meet once a month.  They think that’s absurd.  Mayor Hansen said all of them spend countless hours doing their job.  Not just when they come to the meetings.


Commission Member Smith said there isn’t a good interface between Planning & Zoning and the Town Council.  Mayor Hansen said we’ve held a combined meeting for the last 6 years.  No one really comes.  Commission Member Smith said no one in the Planning & Zoning knew about the moratorium.  Mayor Hansen said it was an executive decision.


There was discussion about the impact of people and the town not having enough money.  Mayor Hansen said it would help to have cooperation from UDOT to spend those peoples’ tax money here for when they’re here.


Mayor Hansen said eminent domain is also something they have to look at because some people will fight having 3rd West go through their property.


Commission Chairman Huefner said we need to know what the Planning & Zoning needs to do to help lift the moratorium.  Mayor Hansen said they need to get the surveys done and start looking at the sample subdivision ordinance.


                                                      -Page 11-

Mayor Hansen said Rick Fawcett is busy on the nights we usually have our Planning Meeting.  It would work better for him to have them on the third Thursday’s of the month.  It would be nice to have the surveys done and to him that night.


Commission Chairman Huefner would like to skip the step of involving all the people and just have the Planning & Zoning finish the survey. 


Commission Member Ballingham asked if we could create a 3rd West impact fee.  Mayor Hansen said the Town Council just started one.  It’s called the Road Impact Fee.  It cost us $15,000 to get the study done.  The fee is $2896.00 per lot.  It’s actually for the projected costs of all the roads we want to have.


Commission Member Ballingham wondered if we could change the study to add sales over a 3, 5 or 10-year period?  Because that would change it significantly.  Mayor Hansen said we could change the study if we want, but it will cost another $15,000.


Mayor Hansen said there are two different kinds of impact:  1) positive impact, and

2) negative impact.  The positive impact is that we have many good people here because of development.  The impact will bring a bank and grocery store; so many services that we have needed over the years. 


Commission Member Ballingham said the negative impact would be that there is nobody to work at the bank. 


Mayor Hansen said we might get more credibility if we just bite the bullet and get through this. 


Mayor Hansen said it’s important to get the nightly rentals ordinance done.  We just got a letter from a HOA group blaming the town for the nightly rentals being built in their subdivision.  We weren’t the ones that created their CC&R’s that said they couldn’t rent. 


Mayor Hansen said he appreciates all they do for the town.  He was on the Planning & Zoning for 9 years.  He’s seen times when there was no money and the town was almost bankrupt.  It was tough.  He knows what they’re going through and they have his admiration for doing the best they can.  The Planning & Zoning members are a great asset to the town.


Commission Chairman Huefner said she went to a class and was told not to look at the developer’s as the enemy.  They are the funding for our General Plan.  We don’t have the money in our budget to do what we want to in our General Plan.  It won’t happen unless we have good developers with money who are willing to do those projects for you.  She thought that was a good way to look at it. 


Mayor Hansen said 3rd West is a good example of that.  Commission Chairman Huefner said Shundahai is a good example of that too.  She really appreciates the trail systems and

                                                      -Page 12-

extra water tanks that may be built to help the town.  It benefits the whole community.


She said it’s also important for the Planning & Zoning to get some training.  Mayor Hansen said the town would pay for their training.  She would really like to get as much training for them as possible.  She would also like to put aside 15 minutes of every meeting to go over a specific topic that she would take from her class materials and a land use book.  We’ll start when the moratorium is lifted.


There was discussion about trying to bridge the gap between Garden City and the County.


There was discussion about bringing in residential buildings for employee housing and wondered if it is a good idea.  It may be causing a headache with partiers, noise and having housing look run down within the business district.


Commission Member Ballingham made the motion to adjourn at 10:15 p.m.





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