Meeting Minutes September 2004








The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission held a special meeting on Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at the Garden City Office Building, located at 145 W. Logan Rd.  Chairman House opened the meeting at 7:05 p.m.


Those Present:


            Lana Hodges

            Brian House, Chairman

            Lance Bourne

            Lisa Hunt

            Mel Maynes


Others Present:


            Sharlene Millard

            Kathy Hislop

            Margaret Satterthwaite

            Scott Bessinger

            Randy Erickson





The Planning & Zoning Commission tabled this discussion because Mrs. Lantz wasn’t here.




Mr. Bessinger showed a map of his project.  It will be a garage similar to Vic’s, but the layout is different.  There will be 3 overhead doors and two front and back doors, which go to the outside.  The building will be 64’ x 40’.  The building will be used for snowmobile and four-wheeler rental, maybe light maintenance work


Commission Member Hodges asked if the property has been subdivided.  Mr. Bessinger said it’s not subdivided now.  He will be bringing in plans to subdivide it at the next Planning & Zoning meeting.





Commission Member Hodges asked Mr. Bessinger if he is asking to have a project on Lot 17 passed tonight also.  Mr. Bessinger said he would like to have that passed if it is possible.  Commission Member Hodges said not until the property is subdivided. Mr. Bessinger will have to go through the proper procedure for a subdivision.  Mr. Bessinger said he plans on subdividing the rest of the property.


All of the parking requirements will be met.  The signage has not been applied for yet.  As far as landscaping, he will put in a couple of trees.  Mr. Bessinger said he doesn’t want to do much until it’s asphalted all around the building.


Mr. Bessinger said he will finish behind the building with a white, vinyl fence to the corner.  It will be fenced with cedar where the back is the storage shed.  Lot 18 will have the white, vinyl fence behind it.


Commission Member Hodges made the stipulation that the front be asphalted within one year of completion.


Commission Member Bourne would also like to make the stipulation that the fence be up within one year of completion also.  Mr. Bessinger said the fence will be up before the building goes up.


Commission Member Hunt asked about trailer parking.  Mr. Bessinger didn’t think he would need parking for trailers.  The people would take their trailer with them.  If he needs to, he could use the lot next to it to park the trailers.


The propane tank will be on the south east corner of the lot with bumpers in front of it.  There will be water, sewer and power to the building. 


Commission Member Hunt asked about the hours of operation and the volume of noise.  Mr. Bessinger said it will be up to whoever buys it.  As far as he knows, it will be daytime hours.  As far as noise, the business is surrounded mostly by the storage sheds.  Most residential areas shouldn’t hear a lot of noise.


Commission Member Hodges made the motion to approve the commercial construction as what is showing as Lot 18 for Scott Bessinger and that he meets all the requirements, i.e. white, vinyl fence along the back of Lot 18, landscaping requirement of property from 200 N. to the back of the property be paved and should be done within one year of occupancy. 


Commission Member Maynes seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.








Randy Erickson explained that the proposed sign ordinance came from the 2000 International Zoning Code.  He likes the definitions as it helps to understand the different signs.  There are also pictures to reference the definitions.  The ordinance shows how to figure up the square footage for signage.  The actual signage is what would be in the square footage, not the area outside of the sign, such as logs around the sign.


The ordinance defines having signs up for 30 days in a 90 day period.  A lot of people like to leave them up for 30 days, take down for one day and start with the 30 days again.


Commission Member Hodges said we need to make sure that indecent signs be prohibited signs.  We also need to address signs on pickups that are parked around town.


Mr. Erickson talked about political signs being put up 90 days before an election and taking them down 10 days after.  Town Clerk Kathy Hislop said there’s a lawsuit going on in Draper about that.  They claim its freedom of speech on private property.


Commission Member Maynes thinks we should put in some verbiage about the signs being up from County caucuses to the County elections. 


Mr. Erickson talked about Real Estate signs.  There would be a time limit of 10 days after a house is sold to remove the sign.  There could only be one sign per entrance of a subdivision.


The town doesn’t currently charge for sign permits.  We just want to make sure the people comply with the rules for signs.


Mr. Erickson said the monument sign section of our current ordinance will be taken out and added to this ordinance.  He would also like to have an index for the sign section.


Commission Chairman House said he likes this concept.  Commission Member Hodges said we need to figure out how our formula for signs will go with this sign ordinance.


Commission Member Maynes said he likes the examples of signage.  Commission Member Hodges said all businesses want to get a lot of exposure.


Commission Member Maynes said our town has a 90 day economy.  It would be good to get the temporary signs down before the snow flies.  He also thinks it would be good to address sidewalk sales.


There was discussion about the height of signs.  Mr. Erickson thinks 12’ should be the height of the monument signs.  Commission Member Maynes would like it higher than 12’.  After discussion, the Planning & Zoning feels 20’ should be the maximum height for a sign.  The sign shouldn’t exceed the height of the peak of the building.


Property owners with corner lots should be able to use both sides of the lot for frontage.


Commission Member Hodges would like to add 11C604-E, under Prohibited Signs, of the current ordinance to the proposed ordinance.


The Planning & Zoning thinks this is a great concept.  They will look through the proposed ordinance, fill in the blanks and bring back any corrections or suggestions.




Circle C Construction


Commission Member Hodges asked about the Circle C Pit.  She feels we need to file a lien on the property.  If Mr. Earl doesn’t claim it, the town should get the land.


The Planning & Zoning Commission read through Circle C’s Conditional Use Permit.  They can only recommend to the Town Council that we file a lien.  The town would work with the attorney through it.


Circle C’s Conditional Use Permit does say if the pit is restored to its original elevation, they can keep the property.  If not, the town gets the lot.  If the town doesn’t accept the lot, Circle C must make it into grass.


Circle C’s reclamation has been extended to August 2004.  Both Commission Members Maynes and Hodges said the Planning & Zoning needs to remind the Town Council that this has not been filed.  They said we should move this forward.


Commission Member Hodges made the motion to recommend to the Town Council to follow up on Circle C’s Conditional Use Permit to protect the town’s interest in that.  He needs to be notified due process, through the city attorney. 


Commission Member Bourne seconded the motion.  All in favor and the motion carried.


Joel Parrish


Commission Chairman House asked about what has been happening with the Joel Parrish situation.  Building Inspector Randy Erickson said he has been served, but doesn’t know what has happened since.


Ordinance Discussion


Building Inspector Randy Erickson said he has gone to a class where they talked about illegal subdivisions.  The attorney there said they have a penalty for someone who makes a subdivision without coming to the town for permission.  As soon as it’s brought to the towns attention, they have to pay a fine.  It stops when people have to pay for doing that.



If it hasn’t gone through the town the proper way, it’s an illegal subdivision.  The fee for an illegal subdivision would have to be in the ordinance


Town Clerk Kathy Hislop said a lot of people don’t understand it’s illegal until after they do it.


Commission Member Bourne said they won’t get power because the power company won’t connect any power until it has been approved by the town.


Building Inspector Erickson said Debbie Ames, the county recorder, is trying to use a flagging system for problem lots  and he can look on his computer to see what the problem is.


Commission Member Maynes talked about a class he and the Building Inspector went to that would be good for the Planning & Zoning to go to.  There is a lot of valuable information.  The next class is in November.


Building Inspector Erickson said he also learned that we’ve got to make sure we put certain businesses in certain zones.  We can’t say something can’t be in town.


There was discussion about correctional facilities in the area.  Building Inspector Erickson said we can’t say we don’t allow correctional facilities, but we can make a limit of how many can be in a correctional facility.  We can be more restrictive than the state.


The Planning & Zoning would like to review this at the next Planning Meeting.


Architectural Standards for 300 W.


Commission Chairman House said Larry Gray is looking at opening up some roads for ATV’s, they’re not sure which.  He said if someone is riding an ATV, it should be to get to the beach or the forest, not just to speed up and down the roads.


Commission Chairman House said they were thinking of asking KOA if they could have a place for trailers to park when 300 W is developed.  They could get a map and show where accesses are to the beach and forest.  Commission Member Hodges suggested getting a hold of Dave Biesinger to use his lot to trailer ATV’s at on Hodges Lane.


Commission Member Maynes showed a picture of aesthetics before Utah was even Utah.  It shows how a town can be planned.




Building Inspector Erickson explained that Subway Conditional Use Permit doesn’t say they need an entrance and exit.  Mr. Berg was approved to have them, but now doesn’t want it.  He’s got rocks where the exit was going to be.  He does use the drive through.  He doesn’t want to add more signs to his entrance, i.e. enter, exit and stop.

Mr. Berg needs to have a sign permit.  The Planning & Zoning agreed that the sign does look good.




The minutes of August 4, 2004 were presented.  Corrections were made.  Commission Member Hodges made the motion to approve the minutes as amended.  Commission Member Maynes seconded it.  All in favor and the motion carried.




Commission Member Hunt made the motion to adjourn.  Commission Chairman Hodges seconded the motion.  All in favor and the meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.



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